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Sikh Couple Dedicate Themselves to Help Southern Cali Homeless With Food Trailer

Davinder Singh is known among his friends as a quick whitted a fun loving capitalist who moved to the U.S. to expand his successful business ventures. Now he is known for a different reason, for dedicating life, along with his wife Hari Simran Kaur Khalsa, to helping the homeless.

Congressional Resolution Honoring Guru Nanak’s 550th Gurpurab and Sikhs in U.S. Society

U.S. Congressman TJ Cox (D-CA), who serves as Vice Chair of the American Sikh Congressional Caucus, introduced a resolution formally recognizing the significance of Guru Nanak’s 550th gurpurab (birth anniversary) as well as more than 125 years of Sikh contributions of Sikhs to U.S. society.


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