Diamonds of Eternity: Gurbani Classics

Live Gurbani Classics – Digitized for the FIRST time

This six-volume collection, featuring rare and precious, live Gurbani recordings from the 70's–90's, has been carefully selected from the SikhNet archives by our dedicated team. Each recording has been enhanced in sound quality, and digitized for preservation. 

Travel back in time with us and imagine you are sitting with the sangat of bygone years, while you listen to these beautiful Gurbani Shabads from legends such as Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Gurcharan Singh and other eminent ragis of their time including Bhai Gurmail Singh, Bhai Surjeet Singh, Bhai Harbans Singh, Bhai Sadhu Singh and Bhai Baldev Singh.

Just Released!

Volume Two of Diamonds of Eternity: Gurbani Classics features Bhai Gurmail Singh Ji from live recordings at Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar from the 70's and 80s.

Diamonds of Eternity: Volume 3
Bhai Surjeet Singh

Diamonds of Eternity: Volume 4
Bhai Harbans Singh

Diamonds of Eternity: Volume 5
Bhai Sadhu Singh

Diamonds of Eternity: Volume 6
Bhai Baldev Singh


Stay tuned for the release of the other albums – one scheduled for release each month.

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