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News: Examining The Identity Of Todarmal In Sikh History

The costliest piece of land ever sold or purchased was by Diwan Todarmal for the cremations of the younger Sahibzade. This research is everything about this devotee of the Guru's house.

Inderjeet Singh

The author is a Nottingham (UK) based amateur historian with a keen interest in Punjab and Sikh history. He writes regularly for Sikhnet and runs a blog.

News: Valarie Kaur's 'Faith and Activism Through Revolutionary Love' Presentation At Butler A Refreshing, Inspiring, And An Illuminating Experience

We saw a brilliant conductor with a refreshing voice calling us to a prayerful reflection, connecting and advancing our energies toward peacefully changing the cultural landscape, engaging, "forgiving to unburden but not forgetting" and being robust, responsible, and trusted partners in advancing the solemn commitments and promise of our democracy that must deliver justice and equality, and fairly benefit all Americans without divisions and distinction.

Kanwal Prakash 'KP' Singh

KP participates in interfaith and humanitarian initiatives (Interfaith Hunger Initiative); activities and celebrations of diverse faiths and ethnic communities in Indiana.  KP assists with cultural training for Police Officers and TSA personnel; works with teachers, students, civic leaders to create a better understanding of Sikh and other faith traditions and contributions. KP advocates interfacing and mainstreaming ethnic talents, assets to benefit and serve all Americans.

News: SikhNet Stories In Punjabi Have Arrived

This story with Guru Har Rai ´God Provides´ marks the beginning of our new standard of making all stories in both English and Punjabi.

Harijot Singh Khalsa

Harijot Singh is a graduate of Miri Piri Academy. He serves as creator of SikhNet Stories. He has also authored several research pieces on Sikh history as well as offered encouraging messages through his articles.


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