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A Wonderful New Book on Sikh Women

To my surprise and delight, we then see 20 more profiles of contemporary Sikh women, some young and some old, told with loving anecdotes of their lives.  This is a wonderful book - inspiring, real, and long overdue! All of our sons and daughters should read this book and appreciate the contribution of their sisters and mothers with love. It is my prayer that we see many, many more books about this important topic. 

Saluting the legacy of Bhai Ram Singh

He realized that in west’s eyes there are two traditional schools of arts in India – Hindu Architecture and Muslim Architecture. In his eyes those distinct styles belonged only to places of worships, but its extent did not apply to non-worship places as palaces, hospitals, forts, and residential places. Thus, his designs reflected fusion of these two schools, along with the western approach, while using the locally available building materials.


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