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Sikh celebration in Lower Nazareth to feature fireworks

Township supervisors Wednesday granted a waiver from its fireworks ordinance restrictions to allow for the Guru Nanak Sikh Society of the Lehigh Valley, 648 Daniels Road, to hold a festival in celebration of Guru Nanak Gurpurab, the marking of the birth of the first Sikh guru and among their most sacred holidays.

PHX Sikh Community Donates 550 Trees In Honor Of Sikhism’s Founder

“Guru Nanak very much believed in the oneness of the earth, the air, and water with the creator of the creation,” Anjleen Kaur Gumer, a leader in the local and national Sikh community, said. “He absolutely believed that us taking care of the earth was a necessity for us, for surviving..."

550 years after his birth, a reflection on the life of Guru Nanak

What Sikhs take from the life of Guru Nanak is a model for how to live by one’s values and ideals. He is seen as a paragon in this regard, someone who actually practiced what he preached. It is memories and teachings like these that Sikhs will be reflecting on over the next month. The rest of us might do well to take this opportunity to reflect on these ideas as well.


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