Sikh girls often experience a lack of role models to look up to in this world filled with Barbies and Instagram models. Dream Big Little Kaur is a very welcome addition to any household that is looking to keep connected to our Sikhi heritage in a way children can enjoy!

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"May the goodness of women from our unforgettable history help you to uncover your inner strength and beauty, so you too can be a model GurSikh"

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Dream Big Little Kaur speaks to every young Sikh girl showing her the greatness of sisters and mothers who have gone before. This book is sure to awaken our girls to their potential and connect them with their roots! 

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Do you have any girls (mutiar) in your life? If so, you won’t want to miss this newly animated storybook – perfect for little ones, ages 1-4 and beyond!

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Written by: Curious Khalsa
Published by: Brave Lion Books
Illustrated & Animated by: Pardeep Singh
Produced by: SikhNet

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