While I was growing up at Amritsar, I had little idea that one day I would become a contributing author on Sikhnet. However, two things were very certain from the beginning. First, I’ve closely observed the dynamic and evolving culture of Punjab in general and Amritsar in particular. And second, my unquenched desire to express them through my writings.

Very early on in my life I got influenced by my father who’s an educationalist, a celebrated author and an active social worker. He has consistently written about and taken up socio-economic causes related with Amritsar.  Therefore, one can say that I’ve inherited these things as my family values.

After graduating with an engineering degree from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, I moved to the US in year 2000 for higher studies. I later decided to settle here and raise my family. I was worried that I would lose connection with my roots but instead, it became more profound and stronger.

During my annual travels to Punjab and especially Amritsar, I can see the changes through a mixed lens of emotional and global perspective. While there are many commendable developments that I observe, I also see that there are some issues on which we can work together to make them better. I endeavor to write about such issues and raise awareness about them.

Along the same lines, it is very important for me to continue to support Sikh awareness programs in the US in the form of exhibitions, seminars, lectures, participation in City Culture festivals and parades. These events helps disseminate awareness about Sikhs and writing about them helps instill new ideas and confidence among Sikh community.

When I’m not working or writing, you can find me on a squash court or spending quality time with my wife, two kids, family and friends.