Bhupinder Singh is the Vice President of Newage Casting Co. a manufacturer and distributer for Cast Iron Plumbing products in USA which he and his son jointly set up. He was born in Bhamo, Burma (Now known as Myanmar) and had his early education there. He moved with his parents to India and completed his high school education in Imphal, Manipur. He did his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Regional Engineering Collage, Surat, Gujarat. He is a Registered Professional Engineer practicing in USA. He started his engineering career in New Delhi and while working there he had opportunity to live in Japan and subsequently in South Korea. After the tenure in Korea he immigrated to USA. He has written four books:

Connecting with the Master - A collection of essays on topics related to Sikhism

Gurmat Quotient (GQ) - Book on development of Spirituality

Rehraas - With meaning and commentary in English

Why are we Here? - Become exploring the purpose of human life

Besides four books the author has also penned articles that have been published in magazines and journals. The author in his writings is sharing the rich heritage bestowed by the Gurus and has tried to convey the connection between man and Creator, and how with the help of Gurus teachings and modern scientific research the connection can be nurtured. He has also coined and employed a new term GQ (Gurmat Quotient) to describe the inner development process and invites the readers to explore the connection.