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SikhNet Answers "Should I Only Spend Time with 'Pure' People?

"I was hoping that you would able to share some wisdom around the concept of 'sadh sangat'."

Guruka: "Welcome to SikhNet Saraswati Adi Kaur from the U.K. What question do you have for us this morning." 

SAK: "I was hoping that you would able to share some wisdom around the concept of 'sadh sangat'. I often hear people talking about keeping the company of the holy and the pure and I sometimes feel there is a conflict because we are encouraged to choose our company based on their 'purity' and values. But the conflict I feel is that God is in all, all coming towards us and from us is God, than all company is sadh sangat. I also feel that if we are to be of service and to elevate, that we should be in every situation, that we should be with all types of people, not just who we think are good/pure/holy. We should be able to elevate. So I sometimes feel a dilema between how I feel and how I sometimes hear others speak about it."

G: "Both those things are true. Now, how can they both be true?"
Guruka goes on to illustrate that when we are starting our spiritual lifestyle being in the company of others who are also working on themselves "helps us to stay centered and not get distracted... but once you're firm enough that your mind doesn't get pulled by everybody's stuff, with compassion in your heart, then you can be with anyone." 

Then he talks about how it is possible to share special moments with strangers even, "Yes everyone is Divine." 

Watch the video as they go on to discuss more and Guruka shares a very touching example that is very personal from his own life of how to be a lotus in this world. 

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