SikhNet continues with its six-part video series by  Guruka Singh ji.

This is the fourth episode in the series and it delves into the Third Virtue of Japji Sahib: Santokh or Contentment

This beautiful six-part series is all about delving deep into the fundamental reality of the universe that Guru Nanak Dev ji has given us in Japji, and how to live in that reality. 

Guruka Singh ji shares tools to put into practice on a day-to-day basis to improve our lives.

In this episode he talks about Santokh or Contentment and what it means. 

 Santokh is when we are not caught in our thoughts of what we think we need or what we think we want. It allows us to go deep enough to penetrate past that and sit in our natural being.

The natural being is all taken care. We are as we are. The problem comes when we dont accept who we are.

Click on the following links  to watch the introduction video , the second and third episode . Stay tuned for a new video each month. 


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