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SikhNet continues with its six-part video series by  Guruka Singh ji.

This episode delves into The Fourth Virtue of Japji Sahib: Humility or Nimrata

This beautiful six-part series is all about delving deep into the fundamental reality of the universe that Guru Nanak Dev ji has given us in Japji Sahib, and how to live in that reality. 

Guruka Singh ji shares tools to put into practice on a day-to-day basis to improve our lives.

In this episode he reflects on the fourth virtue of Japji Sahib: Humility or Nimrata, reflecting on how we come into this state by the realization that we are not the power, rather the power flows through us, all power lies in the one, we are part of that one. 

In this state of remembrance, we don´t feel we have to overcome judge or control what is happening in the moment and from that springs the tender sprout of humility. 

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The Five Virtues of Japji Sahib are part of our "Inspirations Videos" content for SikhNet and are made possible by your support. A sincere thank you from all of us at SikhNet for allowing us to continue to do so. 

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