I have been creating SikhNet Stories for years now and one thing that I've received a lot of feedback on is to create our stories in Punjabi as well. Earlier this year we saw our first dual language releases... but this one is different. 

Bibi Sharan: The Courage of Kaurs is a great production that has touched a lot of hearts and inspired many people.

One parents couldn't hold back and told us, "This latest animation is beautiful; it makes me cry every time I watch it.  I can see it call to the Guru inside of my son and daughter every time they watch it."

Other parents told us that every day their young daughter will ask to watch "Jind! Jind!" (who is the main character in the short film). She will also go around loudly saying "Akaaalu!" 

One commentor said, "Just Beautiful.. If we all Sikhs taught these facts about our Shaheeds..... No Sikh kid will grow in depression.." 

There aren't as many Sikhs from Chile as there are in other countries. One Chilean Sikh man watched the film and was crying. Later he said that it reminded him of what happened with his past life after death. 

So there is something clearly special about this story and it was all the more important for it to be made into Punjabi. 

More about this story

For previous Punjabi animations we've had a studio with actors do the voices but for this project nearly all of the voices are volunteers from the SikhNet audience. Though this creates more work on our side we are happy to say that everyone did a great job and we are grateful to have such sangat involvement. 

This story was originally written by a 14 year old viewer. She's an impressive young woman, watch our interview with her here

The animation features a song which has a mystical intervention involved with its writing. You can read more about that here

Watch the trailer for this beautiful animation here: 

ਬੀਬੀ ਸ਼ਰਨ ਕੌਰ Official Punjabi Trailer

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About SikhNet Stories 

In the past Sikh education for children was done by the grandparents and village elders. Today exposure to Sikh history and teachings is less common and it's sometimes hard to know how to apply it to modern life. Our passion with SikhNet Stories has been to provide Sikh history and lessons in sakhis, or story format. Because there are so many kids growing up in English speaking communities, our stories have been provided in English. We have over 125 stories in English. Now in 2023 we are producing our animations in both Punjabi and English. We have 7 animated stories in Punjabi totaling over 615 minutes of valuable content to watch. 

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Harijot Singh Khalsa

Harijot Singh Khalsa

Harijot Singh is a graduate of Miri Piri Academy. He serves as creator of SikhNet Stories. He has also authored several research pieces on Sikh history as well as offered encouraging messages through his articles.

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