Jivan Mukta

Guruka Singh discusses the concept of Jivan Mukta from Gurbani. How can we be truly free while still alive?

In Gurbani we find the phrase, "Jivan Mukt": Free while alive.

When you are free you are not bound to reincarnate again. But Guru ji also describes a way of life; living and acting in the world as a householder. 

Because we took a physical form, because our sould incarnated on this planet, we can't just say, "I want liberation, I want to be out of here." All of our pain comes from some form of attachment. 

We came in this life after millions of other incarnations and we bring with us karma and attachments from those lifetimes. To go through them is painful, it's work. They can show up in our life in various ways, but however those challenges come we have to go through them and burn the karma. 

One way to become Jivan Mukt is to pay all your karmas. You will still have work to do, but you won't be the same. Guru Gobind Singh ji didn't wield a sword. The sword happened and it happened in his hand. It doesn't mean you don't have an ego, just the ego is being used for the purpose coming through you. You have no attachment. It doesn't matter if you live or die, what matters is you being present. So that you can serve. 
"You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is show up and let that which must be done happen through you."

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