Unsung Heros - 17 Year Old Artist from Punjab

The beautiful art of Anhad Kaur Shergill

Editor's Note: I received this via email this morning and was so inspired I want to share this Kaur's beautiful art with you all.

I am Anhad Kaur Shergill , a 17 year old from Punjab . Drawing has been my favourite thing to do since I was a little girl. As I grew up I started to love it even more. The wonderful colours and stuff related to art just takes me away from the real world into a different world of imagination. For me art is an escape from reality. It gives me peace of mind.  By drawing stuff related to Sikhism and gurus I feel a different level of spirituality and it fills my heart with happiness. I hope you all like my drawings as well.

Everyone I knew stopped talking to me for some reason or the other and I was left without any friends that’s when I started focusing on my drawing more and became a bit spiritually inclined. 

I used drawing as a way to escape from everything around me.

And since then I have found happiness in drawing and expressing myself.

I started drawing about Sikhism and writing stuff related to it as it gave me happiness and increased my knowledge as well.








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