We are very happy to announce that after much effort,
SikhNet now has a presence in India.

During our recent SikhNet fundraiser, I received many emails such as this:

“I wish to donate some funds from my salary on a regular basis to Sikhnet. However, when I go to your donation page, options are available to donate only in Dollar terms. Please let me know how can I donate from India in INR.”

For many years now, it has been difficult for India residents to contribute towards the seva that SikhNet is blessed to do, but finally, by Guru’s grace, that difficulty has been resolved.

The SikhNet Charitable Trust has been established in India to do seva in India on behalf of SikhNet. It will take some time before we are awarded official governmental non-profit status because of the usual red tape, but the office is set up and a bank account has been established.

The trust is currently doing development of Gurbani Media Center in India and additional projects will be added this year including free distribution of Gurbani CD’s, Punjabi subtitling of SikhNet videos, redesign on the main SikhNet website along with editing and publication of a new multi-volume English translation of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The Trust will also work on the SikhNet Youth Film Festival in India.

The Trust is now able to accept Dasvandh from those who want to be part of this seva but do not have an international credit or debit card and so have not been able to participate previously.

You can now go online and make a secure donation to SikhNet by NetBanking, Debit Card, India only credit cards or demand draft by mail. We are close to reaching our fundraiser goal this year. Will you help us?

Thank you,
Guruka Singh Khalsa

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