The recording artist, social entrepreneur and global Sikh ambassador Manika Kaur has created a video entitled 'Pray Together', with the aim of encouraging families around the world to recite holy Sikh chant 'the Mool mantra', to ease tension and to promote love and stillness as the saga of the CoVid-19 pandemic continues to affect lives globally.

Manika Kaur - Pray Together

The Sikh community, through DigiSangat, a digital channel set up to highlight Sikh activities and to share videos of sacred Sikh music 'Kirtan' and 'Katha', have set an ambitious goal of 10 million Mool mantra recitals.

Now with the backing of Kaur, who since her debut album in 2008 has become the fastest selling contemporary Sikh solo artist in the world, their initiative has generated over 6 million Mool mantras to date and continues to attract attention from many different faith groups, communities and individuals around the world.

Using Manika Kaur's 'Magic Mantra' as a backing soundtrack, voices from across the world were linked together in prayer. The prominent British-Indian filmmaker Gurinder Chadha OBE, who directed the much-loved 'Bend It Like Beckham' has also lent her support to the project.

Chadha says "Manika Kaur has a blissful voice through which thousands like me can connect to our spiritual side. I have been listening to her Shabads for many years and I am honoured to be part of Pray Together initiative. Chardi Kala!" Kirtan artist and philanthropist Manika Kaur donates 100 percent of her proceeds to charity, though her foundation 'Kirtan For Causes'.

She has gained a reputation for breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries in the traditional (and often male dominated) world of Kirtan, reaching a new global audience of varying faiths and denominations who appreciate the music at face value and, in turn, are interested in finding out more about its origins.

By modernising this sacred Kirtan music, Manika Kaur is pioneering a new era with many following her lead. She has released two more Kirtan albums working with the renowned, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Talvin Singh, Punjabi dance music trailblazer Tiger Style and Scottish folk musician James Yorkston.

The albums were picked up by producer / bassist Martin 'Youth' Glover's (Killing Joke, Verve, Kate Bush) for his new imprint label, Suriya Recordings / Six Degrees and have received worldwide accolades since their release.
Manika has also released an ambient album remixed by Youth this year. Manika Kaur has dedicated herself to re-imagining and introducing the world to the beauty of sacred Sikh music and hopes that this project will continue to raise awareness of both her music and charitable endeavours. For more information, please visit:

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