Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

This is Guruka Singh at SikhNet inviting you to watch this short video I made with you in mind. It talks about the Leap of Faith that SikhNet is about to make and how we came to know we had no choice but to make it.

Whilst traveling this year I learned many things.

  1. I learned that many Sikhs, especially our younger generation, feel estranged from our Gurdwaras and Sangats.
  2. I learned that they don’t know or understand Sikhi and they have not been welcomed to experience the Guru.
  3. I learned that many of these youth feel judged and condemned by their elders.
  4. I learned that many of them lead "double" lives showing their "good" face to their parents and their "cool" face to their friends and peers.
  5. I learned that judging these kids and telling them what they are doing wrong does not work.
  6. I learned that they need to have unconditional love and acceptance. They need to be seen and heard.
  7. I learned that they need to have their own, profound and personal experience of the Guru.
  8. I learned that our kids are not "the leaders of tomorrow," but are, in fact, our leaders today! All we need to do is to provide opportunities and then invite them to lead.
  9. I learned that SikhNet is much more than a web site, but rather a real and powerful presence in people's lives, creating transformation and bringing peace in an unpeaceful world.

SikhNet is being called to serve the deepest longing of the Panth and we have no choice but to rise to the call. 2015 will be our most critical year. While maintaining our daily services, we need to make a huge leap forward to reinvent SikhNet’s services in order to to serve you better and reach out to more people more effectively than ever before.

Less than 1% of the people who use SikhNet contribute their financial support to make the work that SikhNet is blessed to be able to do possible. 

As we kick off our annual fundraiser I am personally appealing to you for your support. If you currently support SikhNet, thank you, and won't you consider making an extra contribution this year? If you are not yet a SikhNet supporter, now is the time. I need your help. Please join in and share some of your Dasvandh to help make this work possible by simply clicking the link below.

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Guruka Singh 
Founder and C.E.O. of SikhNet

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