Gurumustuk Singh Appointed new SikhNet C.E.O.

Congratulations to Gurumustuk Singh Ji!

Please join the entire SikhNet Team in welcoming Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Guruka Singh, who served as SikhNet C.E.O. over a period of 15 years from 2003-2018, is assuming his new position as Chief Inspiration Officer.

Gurumustuk Singh, who started the SikhNet website and is well-known throughout the world as "Mr. SikhNet," was appointed by the SikhNet Board of Directors at their Autumn meeting. He begins his new position of C.E.O. on November 1st.

Congratulations to Gurumustuk Singh Ji!

Guruka Singh Khalsa
Chief Inspiration Officer

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