SikhNet has lots of features and resources that are less explored and used than the obvious ones such as the Gurbani Media Center, the daily News and the daily Hukamnama. From time to time we like to feature little-known features of the SikhNet website. Today we are featuring the Live Interactive Worldwide Gurdwara Locator Map. Not only can you easily find out about an existing Gurdwara, you can add new ones as well. So if you don't see a Gurdwara on the map, just add it!

 The map uses the Google Map engine and it is a part of SikhiWiki - the comprehensive "Encyclomedia of the Sikhs."


Click on the image below - or click here to search Gurdwaras by location

In the Gurdwara Locator Map you can:

  • Click on any flag to show information about that Gurdwara
  • Move around the map by dragging with your mouse or using the arrow buttons on the top left corner of the map
  • Zoom in and out with the + and - buttons or slider on the top left corner of the map
  • Map Data (labels of roads and cities) will only show in some countries. If you get a message saying "...we don't have maps at this zoom level..." then click on the "Satellite" option

And YOU can Add a Gurdwara or Edit Gurdwara information on the Map

  • To ADD or EDIT a Gurdwara on the map please register or login here at SikhiWiki. If you don't already have a login, just create one.
  • Once logged in, Zoom in as far as possible to pinpoint the location of the Gurdwara and click on the spot then add your information.


Help us keep the Gurdwara Locator Map up to date with YOUR additions.

Thank you!





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