Now, take some time, sit back and enjoy as Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji starts the first week of the web series with what perspective ('The Sikh Lens') we should be looking at this series from, explaining the concept of AGB - Akaal, Guru and Bani. Trifold Leaflet here

Then Bhai Baljit Singh Ji talks in detail about why Guru Nak Dev Ji came upon this Earth, which not only does Guru Nanak Dev Ji answer directly but also his bani gives us an insight into what state the world was in when he came upon this Earth.

Enjoy the katha in English as he tells stories from Guru Ji's youth and see why Guru Nanak Dev Ji was always the Guru!

Hear of his various rejections of the ways of the world, to the extent that his parents called a physician to find out what was wrong with him. Little did the world know that the path Guru Nanak Dev Ji had created was the complete way to attaining Vaheguru Ji.

This series has literally changed peoples' lives: 

#1 Why Did Guru Nanak Come To This Earth? 

#2 How Bhai Lehna Became Guru Angad

#3 How Amar Das Became Guru 

#4 How Ram Das Became Guru

#5 How Arjan Became Guru 

#6 How Hargobind Became Guru

#7 How Har Rai Became Guru 

#8 How Harkrishan Became Guru

#9 How Teg Bahadur Became Guru

#10 How Gobind Rai Became Guru

#11 How Adi Granth Became Guru 

#12 Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji

#13 - part 1 about Guru Khalsa Panth

#14 - part 1 about Guru Khalsa Panth

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Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

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