An amazing MUST WATCH talk on how Guru Ji is like an umbrella, shielding us from that which stops us from connecting to Vaheguru (God). From anger to lust, Jagraj Singh explains how Gurbani (Guru’s words) is there to help us through our daily battles.

"If you follow this path of Sikhi, you will live in this world FEARLESS. 
I'll give you the idea of what fearless means. This afternoon we were leaving to come here and I sais, 'Look, it's about to rain.' Bhai Sahib said, 'No problem, I have an umbrella!' He's not fearful to step out into the world (maya) because he has his umbrella with him. 
If you bring Guru into your life and you have the shabad (Guru's teachings) inside of you, you will become fearless. You will go into places that people are scared of, you will fight a battle that people are scared of fighting, because you will say 'My Guru is with me'. 
I'm going to repeat: Shabad is not just chanting bani, it's kamaee, doing spiritual work. If we have both these things: Gurmat (the Guru's way to live) and Naam (the Name of God), then we will be close to our Guru all the time and He will protect us.
But if you haven't got Guru with you and you say 'Guru protect me!' and it doesn't happen... it's because maya is burning you, things are making you depressed, because you didn't put the shabd inside." 


Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

CEO and founder of Basics of Sikh Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji is known for his innovative “Street Parchar”. Through his prolific online presence, starting in 2012, several initiatives to raise awareness of Sikhi have sprouted and inspired uncountable many throughout the world.

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