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Japji Sahib Explained | Meaning of 24th Pauri | Gurbani Whiteboards

Indepth word-to-word break down of the lines: 'eho ant n janai koi, bahuta kahiai bahuta hio': "Here Guru...

Meaning of 24th Pauri with a focus and indepth word-to-word break down of the lines: 'eho ant n janai koi, bahuta kahiai bahuta hio': 
Here Guru Nanak is really getting into what Infinity looks like and feels like, there is no end to it... It's a profound statement he is making: We try to know God, we try to know the universe, we try to know life. Knowledge means I get to define it, but the moment I define it, there's a limit, the moment I define it, there's and end. He says no, no that's not the way to look at it: If you can understand the endlessness of Creation, the endlessness of the Divine, that's the thing you can know. So the moment your mind puts a limit it's already not God, because the Divine is endless. 

Then we move on to 'bahuta kahiai bahuta hoi'. When it comes to language, when it comes to how we talk, the more that happens the more we can talk about it. So our talking is not to define, or end, or limit the Creation, is to reflect that things just keep happening. And the more that happens the more we have to say... the more that happens... the more we have to say. But what we can know is that there is no end to what the Creator does. 

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