You’ll never believe the inspiring shift

When American Women learn about Guru Nanak



The Discover Guru Nanak initiative has an important mission: to increase awareness among Americans about Guru Nanak and Sikh values.

This week, we are showcasing Guru Nanak’s teachings about empowering women:

“In a woman, man is conceived, From a woman he is born, With a woman he is betrothed and married, With a woman he contracts friendship. Why denounce her, the one from whom even kings are born? From a woman a woman is born, None may exist without a woman.”

Given the abhorrent conditions for many women during Guru Nanak’s time, his beliefs were revolutionary.

From the National Sikh Campaign’s research, just 35% of American women say they know a fair amount about Sikhism. After these women received messaging about Guru Nanak’s teachings of Equality and Women’s Empowerment, there is a huge jump from 18% to 65% of women who say that Sikhs “share American values”.

Help increase awareness about Guru Nanak’s early feminist views by sharing this clip from the ground-breaking new documentary, “Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism, Life and Legacy”:


There’s so much opportunity to bring Americans together with Guru Nanak’s inspiring messages, yet no one has ever tried to put together a campaign like we are doing together.

This is a grassroots movement to share these teachings with a wider audience so that there are more American people who will learn about Guru Nanak than ever before.

Please help us spread this hopeful message far and wide by sharing this clip.

With appreciation,
National Sikh Campaign

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