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Close your eyes and ask yourself who all in your life have been underestimating you. You’ll have a list of People in your mind who have underestimated you every now and then.

Now stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself the same question. At this point you’ll realise that you yourself have been underestimating you the most.

We usually tend to think that we won’t be able to do certain things and tasks and we give up before even trying.

We should always keep this in mind that success comes from failure and failure is not fatal. If you ever fail, just get up, dust yourself off and start again, but never underestimate yourself.

Just because someone else is more successful than you it does not mean that you aren’t successful enough. Life has plans for you and you’ll achieve what you deserve at the right time.

Always remember that you should never underestimate yourself because you were born for a purpose and you have been blessed with the power to complete it and achieve everything that you wish for.


You are unique

You are important

You are loved

You are different

You are never alone

You have a purpose

You are beautiful in your own way


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