the way my dupatta wraps around me
It’s makes me feel beautiful
It makes me feel cozy 
It makes me feel MYSELF 

“oh ! she is wearing a suit. soo backward”
exclaimed the first 

“she looks ugly”
said the second 

“who is she trying to impress?”
asked the third 

she didn't want to fit into the society’s criteria of modernism
she wasn’t trying to look beautiful ,she was just trying to feel beautiful
and NO, she wasn’t trying to impress anyone

she looked at herself in the mirror, took her dupatta
and whispered ,” don’t care about what people say, 
you make me feel beautiful in your own way “ 

I was in 5th - 6th grade when I went to golden temple with my parents. It was hot and we were walking towards the gurdwara from the parking.  I went up to my dad and said that I am feeling hot , he looked at me and said that just cover your head . He said that just like the tree provides us shade just like that when you cover your head your dupatta will help you escape the heat. 

At that time I was a kid. I was shy, but I covered my head as dad said . 

Now after all these years I just want to say that the way my dupatta wraps around me it does make me feel safe and cozy.

And it does make me feel beautiful.

PS :  thank you for making me feel beautiful

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