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Sikhism was originated in 15th century. There are 25 million Sikhs world wide making it the 5th largest world religion. Out of 25 million only 75% live in Punjab and others are based in countries like Canada,  America, England etc. 


Sikhs are basically people from northern India who follow the dictations of ten gurus. Guru Granth Sahib is the holy book of Sikhism in which their philosophy is encapsulated.


 Our most holy site shri Harmandir Sahib JI (golden temple) is also a soup kitchen (langar seva for all ) 


Sikhs believe that there is One God (ekOnkar ) and equality among all. 


They preach control over “five thieves “ 

1. Lust 

2. Rage 

3. Greed 

4. Attachment 

5. Conceit


Men and women are treated equally in Sikhism and women have been able to conduct services since the beginning. 


Khalsa Aid International (found by Ravi Singh Khalsa a Sikh ) is a UK based NGO humanitarian relief organisation whose values are based on the Sikh philosophies of ‘Wellbeing of all Humanity’ and ‘Recognising the whole human race as one’.


Since 1999, Khalsa Aid International has helped those around the world affected by Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Bush Fires, devastating Floods, ferocious cyclones and refugees fleeing violent conflicts.


Khalsa Aid International also provides dignity and hope to those living challenging circumstances around the world


In conclusion 

Sikhs are kind and thoughtful 

Sikhs are helpful and considerate 

Sikhs are those who are help people in need 

Sikhs are those who treat all human race as one 



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