A Mother's Love

Mother is the only person that forgets to pray for herself because she is busy praying for her children.

Mother is the second name of Selfless Love.

Mother is not only a word, a whole universe is trapped in this word.

In everyone’s life their mother has a special place that no one else can take.
No matter what a child does but a Mother’s Love for her child can never decrease.

All the sacrifices that a mother makes for her child and family can’t be explained in words. No matter how much we thank them it will be less.She takes care of her child for the first 9 months, goes through incredible pain to give birth and leave all her dreams behind and converts her child into her world. A mother’s life revolves around her child. Even if the child reaches the age of 50 he/she will still be a small baby for her.

Mother is the best gift that God can ever give us.

I am the only kid. My mom has sacrificed everything for me. She is a dentist.
To take care of me she stopped her practice when I was 5 and now I am 17.
It’s been 12 years that she has only done everything for me. I can’t thank her enough.
I love her the most.  
No one in this world can love you more than your mother. 

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