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This book is the end result of two-way conversations between the author and the fellow seekers.

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sanyog-BookCover (57K)Shelby Township, MI, January 2— Local inspirational author Bhupinder Singh of Shelby Township, MI will debut his book “sanyog - Moving towards unification with the infinite”. Look forward to his book signings at local bookstores in coming weeks.

This book is the end result of two-way conversations between the author and the fellow seekers. Recognizing that there is a spiritual hunger that is common amongst all of us – regardless of the seemingly divisive lines of race, gender, religion, culture – which has at its core the desire to attain the sense of wholeness that a reconciliation with the infinite brings. Realizing that everyone is on this eternal journey voluntarily or involuntarily, Bhupinder set about to chronicle his own journey towards unification with the infinite in everyday life. Like a needle pulling thread between two disparate worlds, unification requires an acknowledgement that our mind and soul like light and sun rays of one Sun. We are imbued with the greatest power that is the power to choose our thoughts. That power is the fuel in the engine of transmogrification.

In honestly relaying his own journey, Bhupinder hopes to help ignite you and sustain you on your own journey towards an empowered life through unification with the infinite. Copies of this 288 pages is available in both, paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon (USA, Canada, UK, India & other countires ).
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Bhupinder Singh set out on his own journey to find a “self-sustainable method of eternal happiness” ten years ago. Along the way he has become a prolific writer, poet, motivational speaker and blogger in his attempts to share the revelations he has discovered along his pathway to truth. Chief among those was the discovery of Shabad (Supreme Wisdom) as his personal guru towards transformation and a quenching force for his parched soul. At its essence, all of his writing is but the attempts of his pen to capture the realizations that spring forth like a fountain of love from his soul.

Bhupinder is available for interviews and appearances.
For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact at [email protected]

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