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Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh has published three poetry books - Bouquet of Life, Symphony of the soul and Talking trails


After years of much inner turmoil amidst increasing worldly success, Bhupinder Singh consciously set out on his own journey to find a “self-sustainable method of eternal happiness” more than a decade ago. Along the way he has become a prolific writer, poet, mentor, public speaker and blogger in his attempts to share the revelations he has discovered along his pathway to truth.  Chief among those was the discovery of Shabad (Supreme Wisdom) as his guru towards transformation and a quenching force for his parched life. Bhupinder Singh latest inspirational book, titled “Sanyog: Moving towards Unification with the Infinite” is a rare treasure of wisdom, along with previously published books of poetry. His books are available on amazon.

Bhupinder is available for speaking engagements and one on one discussions.