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I am “Prosperity focused Coach Extraordinaire” for Self-driven, spiritually oriented people in senior leadership roles in Automotive, Telecommunication and Information Technology Industries. I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

I am caring and connected person whose vision is to inspire people to realize their full potential whereby they can lead a life rooted in powerful presence, authenticity, and inclusiveness. As a highly driven and successful Project management executive and product engineer with extensive years of corporate experience driving successful business operations and enhancing corporate productivity, I understand the challenges of corporate life and necessity for physical and mental wellness.

Though Integrating spiritual and modern values in your professional career, life and relationships is challenging, but very powerful like a wave to realize that the wave and ocean are one. I believe when you integrate spiritual and modern values in your professional careers, life, and relationships you create a life of purpose, fueled by an inner transformation, whereby your life purpose is clear, and your actions originate from selfless self are effortless and fulfilling. Integrating spiritual and modern values is greatest investment that you can make in yourself to be extraordinary in all spheres of life.

Feel free to reach out for one on one sessions via email [email protected]