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Sanyog and Viyog ~ Part 2 of 2

It is our very nature to reject Ego and label it bad, and this is how Ego does its intricate work

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Part 2

In the Part 1, states of Sanyog and Viyog were discussed. Along with nature of Ego. In this Second part, source of Ego and Liberation from Ego is discussed. Let us jump right into it.

2. Source of EGO

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It is our very nature to reject Ego and label it bad. And this subtleness is an example of how Ego does its intricate work. In the part 1 of this newsletter, we discussed how Ego through attachment/bondage of our mind works. It is this very attachment/bondage in our thoughts that makes us judge things as bad or good. Our ability to remove this thought of attachment/bondage is a practice that comes with time.

The source of Ego is again within the Hukam. Therefore, we need not despise Ego's actions that create separation; rather we need to accept Ego as one of the laws of creation. Our current state of separation due to actions of Ego is a result of seeds we sowed in this life or in our past life that are bearing these fruits in the form of our thoughts. Thus the popular saying, "You shall reap what you sow. This account of Karma creates the cycle of life and death, as we are given opportunity in the form of our human lifespans to balance our Karma.

If you are experiencing pain and suffering at this time in your life, it is result of your thoughts and actions from past. And if you are living a life of happiness, it is again a result of your past Karma. Knowing that you are responsible for you current state of life, you need to take ownership of your actions, instead of holding others responsible for the direction of your life.

The next obvious question is if I know I am creating Karma, why am I not able to stop this cycle? One cannot stop the cycle of Karma, until one does not recognize and live a life within the Hukam. And the reason we cannot recognize the Hukam is that we are so absorbed in intricate web of our own Karma. Due to our different levels of awareness, we have different beliefs, therefore different opinions and thoughts. This is the condition of separateness that plagues both individuals and nations.

3. Liberation from Ego (Salvation)

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We all want relief from pain and suffering, and thus the thoughts that create new Karma. Not only do we end up creating new karma, we are unable to get rid of our past Karma. This state of Viyog, keeps us away from our true nature of eternal happiness and peace.

How do we obtain salvation from the ego and this constant cycle of pain, happiness, then pain again? This cycle is caused by our good actions. Eventually somewhere along the way we create a thought that brings us pain.

This is possible through the blessings of the Guru. When the creator grants his grace upon a soul through his teachings in form of Shabad, one gets salvation from Ego. This is the only way to salvation.

To clearly understand the path to Salvation, we must clearly define the meaning of Grace, Guru and Shabad

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Let this be very clear, each one of us is equally blessed by the creator. The creator does not differentiate based on Karma. The creator is a fragrant flower that does not stop giving its fragrance when a sinner passes nor starts giving its fragrance when a saint walks past. It is the nature of the flower is to give its fragrance all the time. The creator has blessed all of us equally. The in equality comes from within us, due to our own thoughts that create Karma. We all know ourselves very well inside and this knowing works like a self-regulating auditor of our Karma. A person allows himself/herself to receive happiness or peace according to this inner auditor.

It is actually our Karma that creates this separation between self and the creator, thus Viyog. Those who become aware of the blessings are able to see the abundant creator that is constantly showing the way to salvation all the time. It is our own inability due to lack of awareness that we suffer.

What is Guru? Simply put Guru is wisdom.
Wisdom is to:

  • Know which thoughts and actions creates new karma or bring us closer to a state of Viyog
  • Know which thoughts and actions eradicate old karma and bring us closer to a state of Sanyog
  • Recognize the Hukam
  • Develop the ability to follow the Hukam
  • Know why even when I am constantly working hard, it does not lead to a life
  • Filled with good experiences and good people.
  • Know how to stop this cycle of PAIN and HAPPINESS
  • Know and walk on path to salvation

Shabad is the medium through which wisdom originates. The means by which the guru facilitates an increase in our awareness. In simple words Shabad is the guru's teaching that helps in making decisions that align with the Hukam. Wisdom is the way that shows the difference between what actions and thoughts lead you to eternal happiness.

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