Lt. Murphy himself was shot fifteen times during the mass shooting at the Oak Creek gurdwara in 2012 that took 6 lives and permanently paralyzed another. Lt. Murphy is recognized as a hero in the Sikh community. 

Recently Lt. Brian Murphy was on national television asking Donald Trump a question about protecting minorities like Sikhs from hate crimes, "you heard about the Sikh temple shooting six people were killed.  99% of the people who were turban in America are actually Sikhs..."

Below is an interview with Lt. Murphy and his wife Ann from Basics of Sikhi's Bhai Jagraj Singh. 

Lt. Murphy: "My wife and I have talked about this extensively over the last two years: No one knows for sure why Wade Michael Page picked the Sikh community. But of all the religious communities to pick, it's the one that's founded on helping each other, service, hard work all the good things that every religion is based upon.... and I never understand that." 

Ann Murphy: "I remember in the hospital Sikhs, whom I had obviously not met before, would come up to me. They would find me and give gifts, we still have a little angel they gave us. It just meant so much because there was this whole group of people whom I hadn't ever met, didn't really know much about that just unconditionally gave us their love."
Bhai Jagraj commented, "You gotta a whole bigger family now!" 

Both the Murphy's exclaimed with happiness, "Yes, absolutely!"  

What a great guy! Blessed to get a chance to speak with Lt Brian Murphy and his wife at the Chardikala 6k Run to commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the Gurdwara Shootings in Mikwaukee, Wisconsin. 
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Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS)

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