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The strength of our culture is in our songs and our stories. A people who have their songs will never be defeated. A people who have their stories will never forget who they are. 

As Sikhism becomes more prominent worldwide there is a palpable worry in our community that the youth are forgetting their values while adapting to the western world. For many, it would be ideal if we all spoke Punjabi and have access to a plethora of resources and history to keep us connected to our roots. However, the reality is many English speakers don't have that advantage. While we are all encouraged to learn the mother tongue from where Sikh history was birthed we have to also adapt with times and spread Guru's teachings to all cultures in all languages. Sikhi is for the human race.

It is humbling to be able to provide a service that addresses our expanding international community. Especially to serve the children and the future. 

That is why SikhNet is happy to release the next animated story, in a series in honor of #GuruNanak550: Guru Nanak & the Boulder. 
This story gives a powerful lesson that children can understand and also touches on topics that we adults in a capitalistic society are well to pay attention to. 

When a man, Wali Kandhari, capitalizes on his opportunity to make money and charge people for the use of drinking water he wasn't expecting to have his power challenged. Guru Nanak gives him three chances, in the name of God, to give 'his' water for free. When he doesn't relent Guru ji creates a new well, down the hill, which the villagers celebrate is receiving for free. There is something in this story that we can all reflect on about our own consumption and distribution of resources. How do we participate in a system which commoditizes natural resources? Is there any way we can help escape the consumption cycle and return to a more natural and harmonius lifestyle? 

Guru Nanak is not just a teacher for children or characters from the past. He teaches us today and he teaches those who will follow us in the future. 

Dhan Guru Nanak. May your teachings find a place in our hearts. May we spread your chardi kala wherever we are. 

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