Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa witnessed the build up of events in 1984 when he stayed in Amritsar during those chaotic months to study Sikhi. After June 1984 he wrote this song (lyrics and music by himself) as an ode to the Akal Takhat. Below is the first verse and chorus:

"By the hand of Guru Hargobind, in the spirit of his might
The Akal Takhat was founded to end our fateful plight
For to rid ourselves of darkness and return our souls to light
We must know that we are timeless spirits in His light
Akal; Undying
Through space and time
In our hearts, Your spirit shines
Through the Name you guide us
Through truth we find
There's no beginning or end
To your Deathless light..."

This song can also be found on the Gurbani Media Center


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