How Jaap Vibration Works

How Jaap Vibration Works

What you repeat you become, and that has a frequency....

Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa is a Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and Chief Compliance Officer at Akal Security. She travels around the world and teaches about sound and Naad. She is a recording artist who has produced 10 albums of Mantra music and Sikh Kirtan.

This video was filmed at her Sound and Mantra workshop at the 2014 Summer Solstice Sadhana


According to yogic philosophy, there was a great magnificent void of nothingness, and there was a reason that matter should be created. Matter was created from one vibration. Once when I was feeling frustrated with this earthly plane, and frustrated with feeling separate, I asked a friend, “Why was this all created?” Her wise response was, “God got bored.”

We are vibration. Matter vibrates. The form of matter is created by the molecular structure and the vibratory frequency of things moving. Everything is moving even if we don’t think it is. Inanimate solid objects have a slow vibration. We humans vibrate. Different parts of our body have a different concentration of mass and so there are different types of vibrations happening in our bodies. Sound is vibration. Sound travels through space as a frequency.

So, why do you think mantra heals? Why does vibration and sound heal?

You can see videos about how matter is formed by vibration. They use metal plates, pour sand on top, and conduct a frequency onto the metal plate.  All of the sand starts to form in a pattern or mandala. When they change the frequency and different patterns would appear. The higher tone the pitch was, the more complex the pattern would become. This experiment grounds the idea that we already know; sound heals. The reason we know it is because we have experienced it, but it is cool to see how it works physically.

If we are all vibration, what happens when you bring another vibration in? What happens when you repeat a vibration like a mantra.

A major aspect of practicing mantra is jap – repetition. Jap Man Satinaam, Sadaa Satinaam – Oh my mind repeat Satinaam, always Satinaam”. I’ll share an experience that I had. I tend to keep a lot of tension in my hips and shoulders. I did an intense cleanse, and one night as I was lying in bed, all the tension suddenly went away. That tension is from me holding a vibrational frequency in my hips and shoulders. So the idea of chanting mantra is that you repeat the mantra and eventually the frequency of whatever ills you cannot co-exist with the mantra. That is why Sadhana is so important. We have to practice every day in order to transform our frequency.

How do you create self-talk? Where does the inner critic come from? It comes from your past, your patterns, your childhood, and your mind. What we do is repeat this self-talk. What you repeat you become, and that has a frequency. If you replace that frequency with a different one you create a new frequency. 

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