"The warrior saint is the base identity of this Dharma. When you think of this you may think of people who are fierce, gruesome, or competent. But Warrior-Saint has a whole different connotation. 

Guru Gobind Singh who was the quintessential Warrior-Saint said, "I took birth on this planet in order to defeat the tyrants and protect the holy people". So it's not enough to go out and defeat tyrants.  

There is a great warrior Bani called the Chandi Di Var. In this Bani it tells the story of Durga and the battle she fights. Whenever one of her soldiers would kill one of the demons (enemy), every drop of blood that spilled to the floor, another demon arose. So if you killed one demon you spawned 100 more. And this is the nature of tyrants, demons and negative things. They multiply. If you meet violence with violence, and if you meet force with force, then you actually lend your energy to the multiplication of the bad acts.

Finally Chandi (Durga) gets overpowered and she doesn't know what to do. So she goes inside and meditates and Kali springs out of her third eye. Kali makes a deal with the vultures (yoginis). The deal is that as Kali kills the demons the yoginis swoop down and drink the blood before it can hit the ground. There is a massive battle with the swords clashing, metal clanging, yoginis swooping, and they defeat the enemy. 

This story is very gruesome. For those people who like martial arts we can stomach it, but it has a real meaning to it. Because if she hadn't been able to manifest Kali, then she wouldn't have succeeded in that battle. You can't meet force with force; you have to meet force with spirit. If you are pure and righteous then spirit will overcome evil. This is the Warrior-Saint path.

Do you watch Game of Thrones (S05E09)? The Mother-Of-Dragons is standing surrounded in the arena. Everything is lost, and what does she do? She goes right to the inside, and from her spirit calls her dragon. I saw that and thought, "That's the Chandi Di Var. They stole that from Chandi Di Var". It's a classic story of when spirit overcomes evil." 

- Shanti Kaur Khalsa

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