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Team Khalsa - Save The Langar | Sikh Animated Movie - SikhNet.com

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Story Script By: Triman Singh and Japman Kaur / Audio Production by SikhNet

The moon was bright in the dark sky, while the soothing sound of Gurbani, Guru ji's words was flowing in the Gurdwara. Everyone had their eyes closed, focused on the vibration. Then out of the the langar hall-free kitchen-came a disturbing sound! A woman got up and went into the kitchen to see who... or WHAT it was, “Hmm look at these footprints.... “ Then she whispered into a devise on her wrist, and three other figures came into the langar hall, the kitchen. They all looked at the footprints, then at each other. These four were no ordinary bunch, they were...

Team Khalsa Save the Langar

The moon was bright in the dark sky, while the soothing sound of Gurbani Kirtan was flowing in the Gurdwara. Everyone had their eyes closed, focused on the vibration. Suddenly out of the the langar hall came a disturbing sound! A young lady got up and went into the kitchen to see what was going on, "Hmm look at these footprints.... " Then she whispered into a device on her wrist, and three other figures quickly and silently appeared in the langar hall kitchen. They all looked at the footprints, then at each other. These four were no ordinary kids, they were... TEAM KHALSA!


Selfless superheroes who save lives and ask for nothing in return; who truly live the Sikh lifestyle. They were a super-family of four:

The oldest was SuperSikh, "I have super strength and can control fire. It is all by the Guru's grace."

Next oldest was Wonder Kaur, "I can control metal and become invisible, but all I try to do is be grateful to God."

The two younger siblings were twins, Captain Khanda could control water and fly and last came Psychic Singh. Closing his eyes and concentrating, Psychic Singh said, "I feel... something very significant is going to happen today..."

All of these heroes had powers.. but their powers only worked if they were used for good in the will of God. "All good deeds are done by you Lord. May we always be at your feet. We have no power, all power is Yours!"

Psychic Singh spoke, "I see that the Langar has been stolen. We must work together and find it... I'm pretty sure I know who stole it... Mr. Manmukh." Mr. Manmukh was always causing turmoil in the peaceful Sikh community. He was the mayor of Chorpur, and he could possess people's minds. If you got caught by one of his five vices you were banished into his dungeon and blinded to all your good qualities. Then you became his minion!

Mr. Manmukh: "For many years I have been trying to DESTROY that infernal TEAM KHALSA! Now that I have stolen the langar they will surely be ANGRY, and ATTACHED! They won't be able to resist my tricks!!! Now NOTHING will stand in MY WAY!! Hahaha, MWAHahahah!!!!"

The only way he could be stopped was to resist the influence of Maya and the Five Thieves. The only way you could overcome his power was to remember the Name of Waheguru.

Captain Khanda said, "Wonder Kaur, you and SuperSikh should sneak into Mr. Manmukh's palace! Psychic Singh and I will look throughout Chorpur to see if we can find the Langar!" Team Khalsa nodded. Wonder Kaur motioned them to move out and they headed off on their missions.

When they arrived at Chorpur, Wonder Kaur said, "What an awful sight!" SuperSikh spoke next: "This city is completely polluted!" Captain Khanda added, "Everyone is trapped here!" Psychic Singh observed,"Their minds are hazy. It's as if the five thieves are hovering over the entire city." SuperSikh said, "Let's split up now. We'll see you in a few!" "Okay you guys," said Wonder Kaur, "may Waheguru be with us..."

And just as they planned, Wonder Kaur attracted all the gold in the city, and threw it into an open field. A man from the city shouted, "C'mon everyboddy, there's a buncha blingy-blingy gold o'er there." And the whole city ran into the field to get their hands on some gold. In the midst of the frenzy, no one noticed SuperSikh and Wonder Kaur slipping silently into Mr. Manmukh's palace.

SuperSikh quickly knocked out the bodyguards, and Wonder Kaur turned SuperSikh and herself invisible.

Meanwhile in the village, Captain Khanda and Psychic Singh were searching through the homes and shops to look for the Langar. After what seemed like ages, they found the Langar! "Fantastic, it looks as though it is untouched!" Suddenly someone punched Psychic Singh in the back. Captain Khanda and Psychic Singh turned around angrily. Uh, oh. They had accidentally fallen into anger, Krodh. Immediately, they found themselves in the dungeon.

Meanwhile Wonder Kaur and SuperSikh were in Mr. Manmukh's throne room, where they made themselves visible again. Mr. Manmukh sneered, "Aha! I knew you would come running after your precious Langar! Now SuperSikh, tell me, what will you do if I hurt your little sister?" Oh no! One of the guards had Wonder Kaur! "Hahahah!!" Mr. Manmukh smiled evily at Super Sikh who had charged forwards to save her, "RRRrrrrrrrrr!!" Suddenly, he found himself in the dungeon, "Ahhh...." He must have charged without pure intentions. Mr. Manmukh looked at Wonder Kaur, "Well, well, well. Ms. Wonder Kaur, you are the only one left. Are you the strongest? HAHAHAAAAHAHAH!!!"

"You think you can lure me into your traps. Well, think again." she said, "I WILL BE STEADFAST! Nothing, not even my family will make one of the vices come into my mind!" "Oh... You're only a woman! Go ahead, be stubborn. Sit and watch as I torture your family. You won't be able to take it you FOOLISH WOMAN!"

Suddenly Mr. Manmukh used one of his tricks to transport himself and Wonder Kaur to the dungeon where the other three members of Team Khalsa were imprisoned. "Look! Psychic Singh and Captain Khanda have been banished into my dungeon because Krodh conquered them. And SuperSikh was full of attachment for YOU! Hahahahahhaaa!!" He sneered. Wonder Kaur did care about her family, but she was not attached to them. She wanted to protect them. The greater mission was first, she needed to save the Langar, "Give us back the Langar... and I will surrender myself..." "Oh yes! You will surrender!! This is perfect Hahahahahaaaa!!!"

Then Mr. Manmukh's two minions came in with filthy hands, carrying the Langar, full of grease, sweat and garbage. It did not look good.

Wonder Kaur said in a strong voice, "Leave the Langar you disrespectful fools!" Wonder Kaur had so much power in her voice that the minions put the Langar on a table and backed away. Mr. Manmukh said, "Where were we now? I gave you your Langar, now you must surrender! And don't pull any of your useless moves, or I will burn this Langar!" Wonder Kaur thought. How could she save her family, the Langar, and Mr. Manmukh, "I know it's not part of the mission, but with the blessing of Wahiguru I feel Mr. Manmukh can be reached. It is possible that he might just decide...to become honest..." She meditated because that always brought her peace... she slowly started forming some thoughts... her family was tied up... "They are all bound by chains... chains... Metal chains! Of coarse! I control metal, that's it!!"

Without Mr. Manmukh noticing, she quickly removed the chains from her brothers and put them on Mr. Manmukh instead!! He became very emotional, "WHAT??? ARRRRRGGGHHHH!! WHY DON'T, UHH, THINGS EVER WORK OUT THE WAY I PLAN THEM, UHHH?" They carried the Langar and Mr. Manmukh out of the palace into the filthy city, "Arrgh, where are you taking me?!?" They were carrying him to a higher court. Guru ji's court. Before the Sangat there,Team Khalsa spoke,"We have brought the Langar back beloved Sangat!" Wonder Kaur roared, "BOLEY SO NIHAL!" and the Sangat repeated, "SAAAAT SIRI AKAAAAAAAL!!"

Later that night, there was a campfire, and everyone congratulated Team Khalsa. SuperSikh brought Mr. Manmukh before the Sangat, "Let the Sangat decide what you want to do with this man." The Sangat shouted several answers, "BEAT HIM MAN!!" "NO! Let's whip him!!" "He really should be punished for all his sins.." The voice of Wonder Kaur broke through the chaos, "NO, WE WILL DO NONE OF THAT!!" The Sangat went silent. They looked at her as if she she was crazy. "WHO ARE WE ANYWAY??" She asked in a strong voice. The sangat replied, "We are Sikhs." She continued, "We Sikhs do NOT speak like that! Who is a Sikh? Do we even remember? ? A Sikh is someone who doesn't wish bad things to anyone. A Sikh is someone who forgives. We lift people up. We do not put them down!"

Listening to her words, the Sangat understood.

A voice from behind broke the silence. It was Mr. Manmukh. "Wh, why would you want to forgive me? I have only troubled you, I am not worthy of forgiveness. I have been a cruel, cruel man to my villagers, even they don't like me or want me. Just destroy me! I don't deserve to live..." Wonder Kaur looked at Mr. Manmukh and smiled with compassion. She glanced at Super Sikh who spoke and said, "Well, did you hear her? Mr. Manmukh, you have realized your mistakes, and we know that you have learned from them as well." Mr. Manmukh felt very humble, "You people are nothing but love. I am not worthy of living, but since you have spared my life, I will dedicate my life to you." Wonder Kaur told him, "You are no longer a Manmukh... Now, you are a Gurmukh. Your name will be GURMUKH SINGH, and your life will belong to the Guru! Now, go back to your village and make it a better place!"

Wonder Kaur untied him. GURMUKH SINGH stood up, then fell at Wonder Kaur's feet, "You are great! I called you a weak woman, but you are even stronger and wiser than the men! You truly are great!" Wonder Kaur jumped back and pulled Gurmukh Singh to his feet, "Waheguru is great, I am just a servant, so don't thank me, thank Waheguru, who gave both of us life. There is no man and no woman, we are all children of Waheguru." Wonder Kaur's smile was radiant.

Gurmukh Singh joind the Sangat in enjoying the Langar and then her returned to his village. He renamed it 'Prempur' - village of love and for the rest of his life he humbly served the people of his village, and spread kindness and truth wherever he traveled.

     The Guru says:

ਮਨਮੁਖਿ ਸੁਖੁ ਨ ਪਾਈਐ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਸੁਖੁ ਸੁਭਾਨੁ ॥3॥
manamukh sukh n paaeeai guramukh sukh subhaan ||3||
The manmukh, who only thinks of themself, finds no peace. But the Gurmukh, who thinks of the Guru's teaching, is FULL of peace! ||3|| (ang 21)

Storyteller:  Ravi Kaur Khalsa
Age ranges:  13 - 17, 18 and over, 7 - 12