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Her love for the Guru’s teachings has been a part of Ravi Kaur's life since she was a child of 4 years old when her mother chose to follow Sikhism. While growing up in a boarding school in India for 5 years, she discovered the depths of her love and her commitment to the Sikh Path. She lives a full life intertwined with kirtan and meditation, and enjoys sharing this experience with others. Lighthearted and energetic, Ravi is a renowned bhangra dancer and choreographer with a fun teaching style that captures the culture of old Punjab. Ravi is also a business professional who brings spirituality to the workplace, bringing light and love to everything she does. “Working with Sikhnet youth stories has been a special treat for me as I get to share my creative energy and zest for the dramatic!”

To browse her list of music check out her Gurbani Media Center profile.