Wonderful Original Videos from SikhNet this May

The media website, SikhNet.com, has a range of wonderful original videos planned for May.

SikhNet.com seeks to document the Sikh experience world-wide, and highlight the positive work done by members of the Sikh community.

SH (15K)In the first half of May, SikhNet will feature two original videos focusing on an interview done with Giani Sukha Singh of the United Kingdom. Giani ji is best known for founding the Sikh Helpline , which gives members of the Sikh community an anonymous way to ask for help about difficult issues, such as grooming, sexual abuse, domestic violence and alcoholism.

GianiSS (133K) GianiSS1 (149K)
Giani Sukha Singh Ji

In the second half of May, SikhNet will release two original videos highlighting the Sikh presence in Chile. In February of this year, Chile gave Sikh Dharma official religious status in their country. These videos will offer a glimpse into the life of Sikhs in Chile, including Sikh Chilean children singing in their native language.

GurukaSingh (22K) ChardiKalaJatha (19K)
(Left) Guruka Singh Khalsa and (right) Chardikala Jatha

In addition, SikhNet.com will release Inspirational videos with Guruka Singh Khalsa, as well as original kirtan videos from Chardi Kala Jetha, and noted Kitan artists Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa and Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa.

Here is our video schedule for the month of May.

May 2 - Monday - Giani Sukha Singh “Taking on Committees and Winning for the Youth”
May 4 - Wednesday - Giani Sukha Singh “Sikh Helpline Saves Girl from Sexual Predator”
May 5 - Thursday - Chardikala Jatha live kirtan “Jai Tegang”
May 9 - Monday - Guruka Singh “Converting People to Sikhism?”
May 11 - Wednesday - Giani Sukha Singh “How to inspire 1,600 Sikh Youth”
May 12 - Thursday - Hari Bhajan Kaur live kirtan “Ichha Purkh Sarb Sukh Data Har”
May 16 - Monday - Guruka Singh “Talking to Skeptics About Sikhism”
May 18 - Wednesday “Chilean Sikh Converts Inspire”
May 19 - Thursday - Nirinjan Kaur live kirtan “Jin Prem Kiyo”
May 23 - Monday “Chilean Sikh Boy is the First to Wear Patka in School.”
May 25 - Wednesday “Sikhs From Chile: The Guru Song”
May 26 - Thursday - Nirinjan Kaur live kirtan “Dhan Dhan Ramdas Gur”
May 30 - Monday “Sikh Heritage Museum Makes Sure We Learn from Our Past”

is proud to offer these wonderful original videos which document the Sikh experience world-wide. Look for more great videos from SikhNet.com in the months ahead.

The videos will be available online at SikhNet.com, or through SikhNet’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

SikhNet has helped connect the worldwide Sikh community through the Internet since 1995. We are a platform for people to easily connect with the heart and wisdom of the Sikh faith, and with each other. Visit us online at: www.sikhnet.com.

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