Truth and Other Poems by Light Warrior ~ SanYogee

The dance goes on and around...

drop (336K)Truth

When a drop is in ocean
There is no drop

When the drop separated
Ocean existed

We were whole
We were truth
We are a fragment
Claiming to be whole
Expecting to be treated
As whole

Pure Insanity!

One day
Sanity will embrace us

Truth seeks truth
What is not truth
Stands in-between

In this grand play!

My Mind Against ME?

"Terms" are outfits weaved by ego
No matter what outfit we wear
It does not change the person inside
Social class we struggle to fit
Success we engulf in fear
Eliteness we swallow dear
Social class, success or Eliteness
A mind that wears bloats in pride
The dance goes on and around
Circular direction leads in circles
Lots of movement, changes but no change
The one who not orbits around ego
Escapes perils of all disorders through a Guru
Sun of awareness shines upon grace
No shadow forms in light!

Pearls (63K)Crown

I need no Pearls
No Diamonds

do not blind any more

Precious is
the crown of awareness
well beyond walls of time

Each experience is a pearl
each lesson a diamond
Wisdom shines bright
above everything else

With pride,
I wear crown of awareness
lest it falls down,
I cry and die
I am not anymore

No Pain, no more tears
Wealth of this world
Does not blind me anymore

Great is the Guru
who placed the timeless Crown
on my small head

No Rubies, No Diamonds
No more pain, no more tears

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