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The True Nature of Existence

Remembering who I AM

The mortal nature of the human body´s existence is a thorn in the otherwise wonderful life of a person. Humans have used technology, science and spirituality to extend the timespan of their mortal existence. Science has been able to add a few more years to the life of a person, but it comes with a price tag and accessibility is limited. 

Due to the fear of death, humans indulge in pursuits that require time, money and other resources. Upon investigation one shall find that the deep roots of fear is the unacceptance of the mortal nature of the existence of the human body. This is due to ignorance of the source of existence and the true nature of our existence. Ignorance is the darkness that cannot be eradicated with money, influence and any form of power. One who lives in the darkness of ignorance peace eludes them. The antidote for darkness is light. Wisdom is the light that manifests as peace. Riches of the world cannot afford the luxury called peace. 

One can cover their wrinkles, dye their hair, and go under the knife to look younger. Though underneath the mask of rejecting aging body, death of body approaches anyways. This is similar to covering light by wrapping it in darkness. All such efforts will only create more fear, there will be a feeling of being short on time, packed schedules for luxurious indulgences that are mistaken for happiness. Stress thus becomes a normal part of life and accepted without any scrutiny. Anxiety and worry come along. 

It is easy to identify with masses, with the popular way of thinking. If a person walks with the masses in their thought process, one lacks the ability to stand alone, stand tall and be different. If a person is trying to run away from death, one is poor, irrespective of how celebrated, famous or rich one might be. In fact, fear of death is a wakeup call. This fear is an opportunity, if one chooses to avail of it. 

The antidote to the thorn of mortal existence is waking up to understand the true nature of our existence. When a person treats themselves and others as something he/she is not, one enters darkness of ignorance. Treating ourselves and others as mortal, physical, and mortal mind, body is living on the surface by identifying ourselves with what we are not. When we identify ourselves with what we are not, we create inner turmoil of thoughts. Anything that is impermanent is not us. This is rather a shallow state of existence as one is uprooted from their true self. 

We are not mortal physical body, but mortal physical body is manifestation of us, similar to an object and a shadow. An object can exist without its shadow and not the other way around. We are the object and mortal physical body as well mortal mind is our shadow. 

We as immortal consciousness (Jot) is the object. We exist before, during and after our shadow (mortal mind and mortal body). In a nutshell the three points below are critical for the eradication of fear of death

1. Mortal mind and mortal body is in consciousness. My mortal physical body and my mortal mind are in me. Me being consciousness (Jot)

2. Mortal mind and mortal body are from consciousness. My mortal physical body and my mortal mind are from me, not the other way around. 

3. Consciousness is in physical body and mind both. My mortal physical body and my mortal mind are within me. I am always still. My mortal physical body and my mortal mind move within in. 

. Remembering who I AM is all it takes. It requires changing nothing, going nowhere other than where ever you are. Misidentification with what we are not takes a lot of effort and it does not take an iota of effort to be who one is. It takes no effort for a wave to fall back into the ocean versus keep rising. When a person is moving in direction of self-realization, it is supposed to be effortless. When an object identifies itself with its shadow it invites suffering and fear. The freedom to be who we are is given to us. It is a matter of choice.



Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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