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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Nov 1st 2016

Artofpunjab releases spectacular new painting of Baba Deep Singh Shaheed

This new work is focuses on the principle of Khalsa consciousness which Guru ji awoke within the panth on that historic Vaisakhi day in 1699. I am focusing on the rigorous spiritual path undertaken by venerated heroes of the panth whose lives were deeply touched by Guru Gobind Singh ji's divine grace.

The first painting of this series is my vision of Baba Deep Singh ji, majestically leading an army of shaheeds from villages across Punjab, eager to win martyrdom by his side. Baba Deep drew a line with his Khanda and beseeched only those committed to giving their lives in defense of the Sikh faith to step over it. Five thousand Sikhs accompanied him on his journey to free Harimandir Sahib from the Afghan army that had desecrated it. Dressed as bridegrooms in fine clothing and festive ribbons, they joyously readied themselves to wed death. The painting speaks of this blessed journey and the mortal release experienced through then shaheedi spirit, where the spiritual fire upon which they cast their bodies also freed their souls.

Before embarking, Baba Deep Singh Ji recited the Shabad: “Jo to praym khaylan ka chaao, sir dhar tale galee mayree aao.” (Those who wish to play the game of love, come to me with your head in your palm). Within that shabad lies the inspiration behind my painting of Baba Deep Singh ji.

Kanwar Singh, Artist

ThePainting (55K)

The Painting of Baba Deep Singh Shaheed was unveiled in Ottawa, Canada at City Hall by Mayor Jim Watson and MPP Jagmeet Singh before the Ottawa sangat during Sikh Heritage Month 2016.

Artist Kanwar Singh is releasing a Limited Number of only 100 hand-signed and numbered Fine Art Prints on Canvas.

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Artwork created by Sikh Painter, Kanwar Singh

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