The Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library and Cultural Centre, with the generous support from Alectra Utilities, is honoured to announce the opening of the Art of Punjab exhibit featuring the acclaimed artwork of Canadian artist Kanwar Singh in celebration of Sikh Heritage Month.

This month-long exhibit runs from April 6 to May 2, 2024 in the Zima Room of the BWG Public Library. We will have a public exhibition launch with the artist on Saturday, April 6 beginning at 2 p.m.


Exhibition launch

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2024
Time: 2 to 4 p.m.
Location: Zima Room, BWG Public Library (425 Holland St. W., Bradford)
Entry: free

About the Artist: Kanwar Singh

Kanwar Singh stands as a significant figure in the portrayal of Sikh history through art. His works have been displayed in the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum in Punjab and the Without Shape Without Form gallery in London, U.K., as well as other galleries around the world. Born in Amritsar, India, and raised in Toronto, Canada, Singh’s artistic journey is deeply intertwined with his exploration of Sikhism, drawing inspiration from historical and spiritual narratives.

His paintings delve into the lives of the 10 Gurus, iconic Sikh heroes, and their devotion, sacrifice and connection to Waheguru (God). Through his art, Singh not only preserves but breathes life into the legacy of Sikhism, promoting messages of peace, love, unity, and equality. Educated in fine art and history, Singh’s unique style marries the grace of traditional Sikh painting with the dramatic intensity of Renaissance and Baroque eras, creating a body of work that is both innovative and deeply reverent.

Celebrating Sikh Heritage Month

The Art of Punjab exhibit offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with Sikh culture and history through the lens of Kanwar Singh’s work. This free exhibition is an artistic showcase that also seeks to build cross-cultural understanding in and around our community.


This project has been made possible with the support of Alectra Utilities, who is the sponsor of the library’s Culture@BWG initiative, ensuring regular access to cultural activities throughout the year.

To learn more about Kanwar Singh’s work, please visit


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