Since inception humans have been amused by the creation and magical existence of all beings, yet the intellect of the mind has missed the obvious. Simplicity and beauty are beyond the powerful intellect of the mind, called ego. Instead of knowing what is obvious, intellect seeks what is dark shadow of illusion. Intellect relies on popularity, other's acceptance and opinion to acknowledge and receive the truth, called wisdom. Wisdom is simplicity and beauty. 

Childlike innocence without effort is able to fall into simplicity and beauty, in a heartbeat, to become aware. Becoming aware can be described (though words are limited and will fail to describe) as, "awareness becoming aware that it is awareness, instead of only being aware of what is in awareness". 

The simplistic and beautiful nature of existence is too supple for intellect to pick up, and is invisible to intellect or ego. The supple nature of truth of existence of the source and its manifestation is - "The one source, who has no fragrance of its own, yet all fragrances are in it. The fragrances being all of the physical and non-physical universe that is within awareness. The one source is formless, yet all forms are in it and manifest at will of the one  and dissolve back into the one, at will of the one". Understanding with intellect will result in failure as it is a matter of surrendering of ego in simplicity and beauty. Humans in form of ego, and physical body are manifestation of the one source. What we as humans seek, we are that, yet as ego humans seek something that is a creation of the mind, that does not exist. This complexity is interwoven intellect trapped in its own web of illusion. 

Speechless and Wow might be the only word that comes close to expressing magnificence of the one. When the wonderous song of the magnificent one chooses to play through a human, such a human becomes an immortal singer who is present in each molecule of the universe, without a beginning and an end, graceful and blissful is the nature of the immortal singer soaked in the song of oneness

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Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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