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As Russian military bombards civilians in efforts to overtake and occupy Ukraine, millions of people flee their homeland seeking safety. Sikhs have emerged in the ensuing chaos offering langar, and emergency relief to those in need. 

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Individuals, gurdwaras, and established relief societies such as Khalsa Aid and United Sikhs have banded together to provide a safety net for evacuees, and refugees. Stations have been set up along borders of neighboring countries. In the spirit of global humanitarian relief, Sikh aid is available where offered regardless of political, or religious affiliation. 

Divine Light Shines from Every Soul

The mission to provide for those in need is a time-honored tradition of the Sikh Faith. During the reign of 10th Guru Gobind Singh, a Sikh by name of Kanhaiya (Ghanaya or Ghanaia) visited Anandpur in 1705. The Mughal army occupying the area continually warred with imperial troupes, chiefs and militia of neighboring hill clans, as well as the Sikh warriors of the Guru. Kanhaiya ventured out to the skirmishes and tended the wounded, whether friend or foe, he gave those who thirsted water. Some Sikhs complained to the Guru that Kanhaiya had been giving aid to the enemy. When questioned about his actions by the Guru, Kanhaiya explained that when he looked into the eyes of those fallen, he could not distinguish between ally and enemy, he saw only the divine light of one creator shining forth from within every soul. Guru Gobind Singh ordered that Kanhaiya be provided with not only water, but also medical supplies to treat the wounded, and bestowed upon him the honorary title of “Bhai”, meaning the Guru’s own brother.

Sikh Aid Resources

Ukraine Gurdwara 273486735_701906570843681_1938467657920295213_n.jpeg
Guru Nanak Darbar Odessa, Ukraine

Resources offering aid for those caught up in the Ukraine conflict include gurdwaras in various neighboring countries where langar, or free meals are available, and Non Profit Humanitarian Sikh Aid societies offering langar, emergency assistance such as medical treatment, transportation for evacuees, and refugee camps. Contact information is given for evacuees, volunteers, donations, and contributions (see below).

A Call for Peace

At this crucial time when military personnel are risking lives, civilian families with innocent children are suffering, and foreign students far from home, including 20,000 of Indian origin, are waiting to be evacuated, let us come together in a call for peace. We urge you to read, recite, or listen to Sukhmani Sahib, a hymn known as “Peace Lagoon”, with intent to bring about spiritual guidance for leaders, with a swift and peaceful resolution for all involved. Sukhmani Sahib is found on Ang (page) 262 through 296 of Guru Granth Sahib. Sikhnet Gurbani Media Center offers several Sukhmani kirtan selections by various artists. 

Resource Contact List



  • Guru Nanak Darbar Odessa
    Odessa Oblast Post Code 67921 Phone +38063140220


  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha Warszawa
    Post Code 02-197 Warsaw, Poland  +(48) 22 868 4541
  • Siri Guru Singh Sabha Warsaw Poland
    Accommodation food and all support +48602666666


  • Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahadur Sikh Sabha Kandhkot Nanak Wara Muhala
    Bulevardul Uniril, Buzau, Romania


  • Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi (Azerbaijan)
    Malaya Filovskaya
    Building 30-1-61, Moscow, Russia, Post Code 121433
    Contact: Gurdeep Singh Jolly, Chairman  
    E-Mail: [email protected]  Telephone: (095) 146 27 12
    Mobile: (095) 765 91 45
  • Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar Moscow 
    Varshavskoye Hwy (2nd floor), 34, Moscow, Russia, Post Code 115230
    7 am to 10pm, Sundays 1pm
    Telephone: +74996115067
  • Gurudwara Moscow
    Oranzhereynaya Ulitsa, 7, Moscow, Russia, Post Code 111622
  • Gurudwara Petersburg
    Umanskiy Pereulok, 71 к, St Petersburg, Russia, Post Code 195248
    0pen 24 hours
  • Gurudwara Saratov Oblast
    Prospekt 50 Let Oktyabrya, 93, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, Post Code 410000

Sikh Aid Societies (Non-Profit)

  • Khalsa Aid
    Donate: https://www.khalsaaid.org/donate
    Contact Twitter: ravinder singh @RaviSinghKA
    Khalsa Aid @Khalsa_Aid
    Offering Team at Medyka border
    Arrange transport for evacuees from border to location in Poland
    Basic medical aid for evacuees traveling on foot
    Teams of volunteers on the ground in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary
  • United Sikhs
    Donate: https://donate-usa.keela.co/ukraine-aid

    Contacts for Ukraine Conflict refugee camps:
    USA: +1 909-610-9505 / 1-888-243-1690- [email protected]
    UK: +44 7951 739459 / [email protected]
    India: +91 98999 26216 / +91 97169 88084 / united [email protected]
    Canada: +1 905-672-2245 [email protected]
    France: +33 616 176 205 / [email protected]
    Germany: [email protected]
    Kenya: +254 723 166466

    Contact United Sikhs for help at border camps:

  • Hungary
    Zahony Border post opposite Uzhhorod in Zakarpattia Oblast Ukraine
    • Mr S Ramji Mobile: +36305199944 Whatsapp: +917295983990
    • Mr Ankur Mobile & Whatsapp: +36308644597
    • Mr. Mohit Nagpal Mobile: +36302286566  Whatsapp: +918950493059
  • Slovak Republic
    Vysne Nemecke land border with Ukraine
    • Mr Manjol Kumar Mobile: + 421908025212
    • Ms Ivan Kozinka Mobile: +421908458724
  • Poland
    Krakowlec land border with Ukraine
    • Mr Pankaj Garg Mobile: +48660460814 / +484606700105
  • Romania 
  • Suceava land border with Ukraine
    • Mr Gaushul Ansari Mobile: +40731347728
    • Mr Uddeshya Priyadarshi Mobile  +40724382287
    • Ms Andra Harionov Mobile: +40763528454
    • Mr Marius Sima Mobile: +40722220823
      More about United Sikhs efforts at: https://www.facebook.com/UNITEDSIKHS.org



Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa

Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa

Sukhmandir has written hundreds of articles on topics related to Sikhism and has co-written and and edited several books on the Gurmat teachings and Naam Simran meditation. 

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