Sikhs celebrate 245th America’s Independence Day by participating in 4th of July Parades

Sikhs in the city of Dayton, Ohio, also known as the birthplace of Aviation also participated in Independence Day celebr...


In the history of the United States, July 4 is a very important day when in 1776, the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England. This was an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States of America. Each year, Americans celebrate this historic event also known as the Independence Day of the US. 


Sikhs in the city of Dayton, Ohio, also known as the birthplace of Aviation also participated in Independence Day celebrations. Thousands of Americans lined up on the sidewalks of streets, cheering the participants in 4th of July Parade. Different groups participated in the parade including education, commercial organizations, bands, the police, the military and fire department. 

Mantecca Califormation Parade.jpg
Mantecca California Parade.

Decorated with American flags, banners, the Sikh float along with the cars, motorcycle and many walking on foot with American flags were greeted by Americans lined up on the sidewalks or outside their home. The community received warm welcome by audience with wishes of “Happy 4th of July”, “Happy Independence Day.” The unique identity of Sikhs in colorful turbans were also the center of special attention, and many among the Americans showed keen interest in getting information about it. Brochures titled “The Sikhs” were distributed for awareness about the Sikhs. The city also hosted fireworks in the evening. 

Participation by Sikhs in Other Cities

Sikhs in the city of Manteca in California State also participated in the annual parade. According to information shared on social media, different organizations including Sikhs of Manteca, Sikh motorcycle club, California Gatka Dal, jointly participated in the parade. Sikh float, motorcycles, cars, was greeted by American lined up on the sidewalks all along the parade route. Sikhs of Manteca got two prizes in the parade this year, one for “religious” and other for “Partiotic”. 

Dallas-Independence DayParade Sikhs.jpg
Dallas Independence Day Parade Sikhs.

Sikh community from Dallas, Texas also participated in the annual parade at Arlington, Texas. Also, the Glen Rock Gurdwara Sangat participated in Glen Rock city parade. 

Glen Rock New Jersey Parade.jpeg
Glen Rock New Jersey Parade.

Few years ago, I wrote on Sikhnet Creating Awareness about Sikhs in Community Parades | SikhNet regarding the importance of participation by Sikh community in such events that will also help create awareness about Sikhs. It is now very encouraging to see more Sikhs in cities across America participating in such events including multi-cultural festivals, Memorial Day and Independence Day parades. This also allows the American people to be informed about the Sikhs, identity of the Sikhs and contributions made by Sikhs in America in different areas. 

If any of the Sikh community member or organizations interested in participating in parades or other community events and need help in preparation including floats, banners, posters, brochures for distribution can email or contact on phone at +1-937-654-8873. 

Watch some highlights from 2021 Independence Day Parade: 


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