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To help pass the time, Sikhlens has been uploading some of our classic films to our YouTube channel for you to watch in the comfort of your home.

Five (5) new films were added this past week. If you like these films, you can subscribe to our channel to see additional Sikhlens films.

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Please enjoy these 5 Sikhlens films:

HIGHER THAN EVEREST: Should Sikh services worldwide be in local languages, such as French or German? Or should it just be Gurmukhi and Punjabi, which few now understand? The debate rages on in “Lost in Transition” as Granthis hold on to the past despite losing worshippers.
Please enjoy the movie, HIGHER THAN EVEREST. Click here.

SUPERFAN: Nav Bhattia, a Sikh from India, recounts his immigration to Toronto, where he soon falls hard for the Raptors. A self-proclaimed basketball addict, he enjoys as much love and affection from fans and players, as he lavishes on them. 

Please enjoy the movie, SUPERFAN. Click here.

THE STRUGGLE TO SERVE: A burning desire to serve their country pushes 3 American Sikhs to confront Armed Forces policies against facial hair and head gear. Although bearded and turbaned Sikhs served 100 years ago, a 1980s ban stands between today’s Sikhs and their dream.

Please enjoy the movie, THE STRUGGLE TO SERVE. Click here.

FAITH: A PASSAGE TO INDIA: The myth of India shatters into a kaleidoscope of stunning and unforgettable realities for twenty Chapman students. For 10 days they tour the country and return in awe to recount the life-changing experiences they minds, bodies and souls went through.

Please enjoy the movie, FAITH: A PASSAGE TO INDIA. Click here.

A TRUE GOLD: BABA SEWA SINGH JI, KHADOOR SAHIB: Prophetic words in the Sikh scriptures about the importance of environmentalism and education come true before the viewers eyes, as Baba Sewa Singh Ji provides a tour of his group’s advancements in farming and in running grade schools for the needy.

Please enjoy the movie, A TRUE GOLD: BABA SEWA SINGH JI, KHADOOR SAHIB. Click here.

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