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Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube ~ Pt 3

Sikhlens has uploaded some of our classic films to our YouTube channel for you to watch

Please note that the films being offered for free by SikhLens can be viewed here:
Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 1 &  the second part here:
Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 2 

To help pass the time, Sikhlens has been uploading some of our classic films to our YouTube channel for you to watch in the comfort of your home.

Three new films were added this past week. If you like these films, you can subscribe to our channel to see additional Sikhlens films. Feel free to share these with friends and family. If you would like us to make more of these films, please help support Sikhlens at https://sikhlens.com/donate/

Please enjoy these 3 Sikhlens films:

WHEN A TREE FALLS: The 1984 Government-backed massacre of Sikh men, women and children by Hindu mobs, succeeded in demoralizing the survivors.  No one has been convicted of that crime, yet Sikhs persevere in hopes of finally attaining justice, as shown in this brilliant recounting of the atrocity.

Please enjoy the movie, WHEN A TREE FALLS. Click here.

THE LIONS OF LONDON: The World Wars saw Sikhs play major heroic roles fighting for the British Army. As depicted in The Lions of London, tens of thousands sacrificed their lives in battles against oppression, so others could live in freedom they themselves did not enjoy. 

Please enjoy the movie, THE LIONS OF LONDON. Click here.

CALIFORNIA YANKEE: The astonishingly gifted young Tajvinder Singh reminds us to never give up hope. This American-born, fiercely determined Sikh abandons California, with an impossible dream of becoming an official singer of scriptures at The Golden Temple, in India.

Please enjoy the movie, CALIFORNIA YANKEE. Click here.

Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival
- November 20-22, 2020 -

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