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Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube ~ Pt 4

This week's offering of 4 free viewing videos by SikhLens

Please note that the films being offered for free by SikhLens can be viewed here:
Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 1 
Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 2 
Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 3

To help pass the time, Sikhlens has been uploading some of our classic films to our YouTube channel for you to watch in the comfort of your home.

Four new films were added this past week. If you like these films, you can subscribe to our channel to see additional Sikhlens films. Feel free to share these with friends and family. If you would like us to make more of these films, please help support Sikhlens at https://sikhlens.com/donate/

Please enjoy these 4 Sikhlens films:

LOST IN TRANSITION: Should Sikh services worldwide be in local languages, such as French or German? Or should it just be Gurmukhi and Punjabi, which few now understand? The debate rages on in “Lost in Transition” as Granthis hold on to the past despite losing worshippers.

Please enjoy the movie, LOST IN TRANSITION. Click here.

THE POWER OF CHARDI KALA: The amazing cheerfulness and optimism that many Sikhs display in the face of danger, fear or self-doubt, is nurtured from youth. Called Chardi Kala, it is embodied by the young artist Kiran Kaur Ahluwalia as she paints art before our very eyes.  

Please enjoy the movie, THE POWER OF CHARDI KALA. Click here.

SEVA: The Selfless Mission: A Sikh in London, touched by the plight of the homeless around him, takes action in the Sikh tradition of seva. Others join in, and soon SWAT(Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team) is formed, giving food, blankets, and medical attention to the less fortunate.

Please enjoy the movie, SEVA: The Selfless Mission. Click here.

RED, WHITE AND BEARD: Bearded and turbaned performance artist Vishavjit Singh takes his Captain America costume and persona onto New York City's streets, challenging startled Americans to re-examine their stereotypes as to what the comic-book hero “should” look like.

Please enjoy the movie, RED, WHITE AND BEARD. Click here.

Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival
- November 20-22, 2020 -

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