The following is a history found in Suraj Prakash Granth, a pre-British text made during the height of the Sikh Raj, which details the entire life of all Gurus written by Kavi Santokh Singh. In the 4th volume of this epic writing is found a story titled "The yogi that came out of Santokhsar". The context of this incident is that it was immediately preceded by and extended episode involving a king who ends up donating land to the Guru in order to use for sacred purposes. Immediately following the yogi story is the leper being healed by sacred water at another site (later to become Amritsar), and the expansion of the Amrit Sarovar. 

The following is a summary of 3 stories involving the yogi. Some sections of the following have been translated directly, others are summaries. Paurhi numbers have been included at certain parts in case a reader would want to read the original source. This has been done with the help of Guvinder Singh, and to our knowledge this is the first time this material has been made available to the English speaking world:

On page 75 is a story called ‘santokhsar vicho jogi niklia' (34th adhiai)

-Siri Guru Arjan Dev was a great being, his teachings blessed many people (1)

-Guru meditated on the words of his father and a longing came to create tiraths (sacred bathing pool). It had been a while since Guru Ram Das was created, in that time the sarovar had been filled up with water (2)

-Earth had filled a sarovar... All that remained was a small hole, which slowly, slowly filled up with water. (3) 

-On the four sides earth had filled it, so the sarovar could not be recognized. Trees had sprung up everywhere obscuring the view of the sarovar. (4) [initially there was a lot of water, now there’s not much, basically the project is degrading after 15 years of not being maintained]

-Guru stood next to a taahli [rosewood tree]. He became aware that this spot had been a sacred place since the previous 3 kaals [set of 4 yugas, so this was 12 jugas totaling an unfathomable amount of time of sacred activity here]. He became so mesmerized that he fell into a trance. 

-Everyone was looking for the sarovar but couldn’t find it, there was only a little pond. The sevadars see a lot of flowers and greenery and are not sure where to start. They see Guru under the tree and they realize this is the spot. 

-They ask him for permission to dig there. He gives permission and explains that Guru Ram Das had previously already dug a sarovar here, “I will now reveal where the sarovar is, next to this tree there is a pond.” People then remembered what it used to look like. 

-They started to dig and did the difficult work chanting “Satnam Sri Vahiguru”. They dug and carried dirt on their heads and threw it on the periphery. Countless beings came to do the seva, some were high status, some laborers, both engaged in the same seva. Every day Guru would accompany and participate in doing the seva. 

-He called Sikhs from all over and joined in. Sometimes Guru would sit on the side and supervise, it was very difficult, some were digging, some were carrying and throwing, they would say to each other ‘go, go’. (14) 

-Many Sikhs arrived wanting to help establish this tirath. Some met the Guru and bowed to his feet, sing his praise, do naam simran and their pains would leave. (15)

-They’d come, get wisdom, there was a great environment, in the evening they’d go home to their villages, in the morning they’d bring more helpers. In the Guru’s house a lot of food was prepared, people would eat and sleep there, bathe in the morning and again do seva.

-Many days went this way. They dug the sarovar, dug deeper than it was before. The seva proceeded as Guru wished. Many did difficult work. Listening to Guru’s praise more people would come. They’d bring fruits and veggies and money to donate. Some set up tents and residencies. Many brought grains to snack on, some ate the langar. 

-Some did ardas that the work be finished, all were very focused on the task. They kept thinking of the greatness of the Guru. They realized it would take a very long time, and we need to pave it with bricks, so they started manufacturing them. How can they do this in a timely way? 

-Guru explained that “Guru Amar Das gave permission to our father to make sarovars with bricks in the corners. That’s how my father told it to me that sarovar kar seva should be done in this way.” (27)

-They listened and carried on, Guru would sit on the banks and give teachings. “Oh Guru we will fulfill your tasks and you will have a beautiful place in parlok” many months went on. 

-With great fervor they kept going and they were in a good mood, it got deep and deeper till they unearthed a matt [mud structure, an enclosure]. They ran to the Guru “Oh Guru we found a matt, a lot of people saw it.”

-Listening to this the Lord of the World, Antarjami, got up and went to that place. He gathered everyone and had them disassemble the enclosure. The door to the enclosure was sealed with a stone which they removed. Inside they found a Muni in samadhi. Guru called for kashturi [safron] and then had it mixed with butter. (33)

-He instructed two Sikhs to massage the feet. They did that in a slow manner. Then they massaged it into his dasam dwar which invoked the heat of the body. (34)

-Having stopped his vital breath, he established samadhi. He had done all forms of sadhana. He regained consciousness and started to be aware that many, many years have passed (35)

-Just as it took expertise to hold his vital breath in his dasam dwar he had to slowly, slowly take out his pavan. Performing many acts to carefully recover the body (36) 

-They moved the body parts and slowly, slowly his eyes opened and he beheld the sight of Sri Guru Arjan (37)

-He started moving his tongue, establishing the foundation of his mind he began to speak, “What is the name of this person, someone tell me. How great of a being is he? Who’s son is he? (38)

-Please, tell me everything. What age are we in? Once I’m aware of all this I’ll tell you why I am here.”  (39)

-Baba Budda folds his hands and replies, “This is ocean-like heir of the Sodhis. From the house of Sri Guru Ram Das his moon-like personality was born. (40)

-”His consciousness surpasses that of the Buddha, his soul embodies perfect Dharma, these are his qualities. He is the savior that prevents people from drowning in the ocean of pain and suffering. (41)

-”He is the light of humanity, like the moon he illuminates the world. His name was Guru Nanak: the very source of light. (42)

-”He has given the teaching of SatNaam to the Sikhs and has liberated countless souls. His praise is all over the world, he has destroyed sin in this world. (43)

-”After him (Guru Nanak) the GurGaddi was passed to Guru Angad, there was no one like him. He caused the expansion of the Sikh way. (44)

-After Guru Angad was Guru Amar Das who created many bhagats and invoked praise of humanity (45)

-The great darkness of Kalyug was destroyed by Guru Nanak. He caused thousands of worlds to awaken wherever he stepped (46)

-In the same way Guru Angad also awakened countless realms and brought them to wisdom. In the 3rd form similarly liberated many realms, those who took refuge at his feet. (47)

-Sri Guru Ram Das continued this and obliterated ignorance. Before you is his son. He is the 5th physical body of this light.  (49)

-Several thousand years of Kalyug have passed (apparently 5,000...), now the time of great darkness is at its greatest. Guru has come to end it. (50)

-To establish a pilgrimage center this place has been chosen and that’s how we have come to find you. Please tell your story, everyone is eager to hear it.” (51)

-The Yogi was in bliss, listening to this he explained, “It is due to my yogic penance that you have been blessed to see me in this place.  (52)

-”My Guru had obtained great wisdom of the past, present and future, and was a great bestower of wisdom. I took refuge under him and performed countless sevas to him.” (53)

-”To direct me towards liberation he told me that a huge amount of time would pass before I’m liberated in my life, ‘I will bless you that all your lack of wisdom will be destroyed, you will get liberation in this way: your body will become deathless and thusly you will patiently sit in samadhi. Make a matt and sit in it and wait. Eventually true wisdom will be bestowed on you. There will be a great incarnation named Siri Guru Arjan Dev. He will establish a place of pilgrimage here. When he does that he will remove you and bless you with his darshan.’ (56)

-” ‘Ask him all your questions and listen to his responses which will lead to gian. In this way you will be blessed with completion.’ That’s how my Guru told me of what would come.” (57)

-”Then I made this enclosure and remained detached in samadhi. I didn’t realize that earth would pile on top. Due to my Guru’s blessings I survived. It is now time for me to receive liberation.” (58)

-He was content with what was happening, took refuge of the Guru, and was filled with peace when his head touched the feet of the Guru. Then he prayed (59)

-”Through your instructions I will be completely blessed. Oh treasure house of grace, please bless me with your teaching. If this world is false then how does truth exist in the world?  (60)

-”If this world is true however, then why do the wise feel that the world is false? If the true nature of atma is unity, then why is there plurality at all? (61)

-”All creatures wonder around, how can they become still? Reflect on this and give the answer. You have made this world, how can all beings remain detached?”  (62)

-”That what is known as the ‘brahm atma’, how can I come to realize it? Great sages and yogis have spent ages trying to realize this. They have become tired of their efforts but were unable to realize it.” (63)

-”What is the method which I can take Brahm as my friend, peace well up in me in that contemplation that there is no match for and I would feel truth, bliss and the unstruck melody?” (64)

-”How can I establish Brahm in my heart and complete the blessing of my Guru? My body is of great old age, however my mind has remained youthful.” (65)

Next story starts on page 84  is called 'jogi prat updesh vedant' (35th adhiai)

Guru addresses him as 'Jogeshwar', answers all the questions in detail, speaking on the nature of materialism and utters a shabd: 'bajigar jaise baji paee'

Guru ji explains the shabd, what is naam, the nature of the soul and many other teachings.  

Next story is on page 92 is called 'jogi nu updesh de ke mukt keeta (36th adhiai)
The yogi heard everything Guru taught and was in a state of wonder. 

-He asked even more questions about the nature of truth and falsehood

-Guru ji continued answering the maha purkh yogi and again referred to the bajigar example

-Guru ji explains that when one understands brahm atma they go beyond the senses, their eyes see no other, their ears hear no other, their heart blossoms with wisdom. (13)

-Guru ji gives many descriptions of the state of the person who obtains jivan mukt.

-Saying this Guru ji gave him the gaze of grace, pure gian awakened in the yogi, who lost the thirst for incarnation (21)

-He understood the importance of what Guru has spoke, and all his attachments were ended. He pressed his head upon the Guru's feet and prayed. (22)

-"You have completely fulfilled the purpose for which I saw you for. All my doubts are destroyed and I am in bliss" (23) 

-"It is time now for me to leave this body, I don't think there's any more purpose for it. That work which I am here, you have now completed (24)

-Sri Guru heard this and said, "Great, great is your wisdom. But stay here for a bit more to give darshan to people, and see God in everything." (25)

-"It will be great for people to see you, seeing you their sins will depart, they will understand much and will be purified." (26)

-The yogi beheld the sweet Guru and then said, "The salvation of the people is in your hands. No one else has such a power as you." (27)

-"It is for this reason that you've come into the human body and instilled the value of meditating on Sat Nam. In this way you carry the weight of the whole world, besides you who else could do such a thing!" (28) 

-Jogi asks for permission to merge with God,  “Please do not let me wait longer, bless me to know how to leave my body.” 

-Guru was happy with his determination and said to Baba Buddha, “Do as he wishes, I fully support his prayer.”  

-Then Guru said to Baba Buddha, “Just as the yogi has asked, in that way, join with him, sit with him and do it. This great being, complete the task as he has asked.” (31) 

-On this order Baba Buddha got up and went to this pure being, everyone was looking at him. As many people as were they were walking around him, they gained blessings from his darshan. 

-News spread that a yogi has come out of the sarovar. Seeing him they were shocked. His age with very long, amazed to see his was still alive in this age. 

-Many ran there and were shocked and many were pleased. More people heard about it, his body was from a previous age, his limbs showed his great age. Even still his face shone like fire. With a white beard was gleaming and his hair was beautiful. People came out to stand and see the yogi. (33-35)

-Guru ji then said, "This site is of great purity, it has been served by a beings of great understanding. They offered supplications with faith, meditating on SatNaam they sang the praises." (36)

-"In this place make a big body of water, partaking of which renounce your sins. All the pains of your mind will be destroyed and you will get benefit of santosh [patience/contentment]" (37)

-He sat among everyone and took the pavan up. He joined into his dasam dwar [tenth gate] and the secret inner passage of the braham randhar was burst [he left his body]. (38)

-Then the people showered flowers [over him] and with their mouths they spoke 'jai jai' [victory to him!]. Gathering around on every side people offered their prayers. Everyone was amazed at this wonder. (39)

-They performed his last rites. They all returned in a state of surprise talking among themselves of what just happened saying, (40)

-"He was so old from an ancient time, his face shown with such an otherworldly light. What a great being who came to this world, no evil ever even touched his mind" (41)

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