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Super Sikh (, the new comic released at the beginning of 2015, features a Sikh superhero and made its debut in December at Comic Con in New Delhi.

While the main character of Super Sikh, Secret Agent Deep Singh, calls Amritsar his home base, in reality, Deep Singh is the brain child of Eileen Kaur Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda, both of Silicon Valley in California.

So what was it like taking a fictional Indian-based Sikh superhero created in the United States to Comic Con in New Delhi?

SuperSikh4 (36K)According to Supreet Manchanda, it was quite fascinating.

"I was surprised to see how much India is enamored with the DC and Marvel Super heroes," he said. "At the end of the day, all the super heroes are Western. What is unique about Super Sikh is that we have the unusual mix of both Western and Indian cultures in a single comic series.

How did the audience at Comic Con respond to Secret Agent Deep Singh?

"The reaction was fabulous," said Manchanda. "The most interesting questions came to us. 'Why are you guys doing this and what do you think of India? By promoting being a Sikh, aren't you dividing things?'

"What I said to people was that India's power and India's beauty is the diversity of India, but a lot of times people use differences to put each other down and stay separated. Knowing each other's stories helps us become even greater because that is how we understand each other better and relate to one another. Too many people are using the currency of fear of others to divide. But we are using diversity to break the mold and show how anyone has the power to be a hero.

"India, unlike other places, is one of the few countries that is great because people are different and yet we all belong. The United States is the same way. We are great because we are diverse but united. So we want to tell stories that celebrate our differences and open up more variety in our media and entertainment.

"So we take the good parts of what is here in India, and the history of the Sikhs, to create a character who is an ideal but still very much human. Secret Agent Deep Singh does not have super powers. He a person that our readers can relate to, a reminder that having moral values and being "one of the good guys" is a worthy and achievable goal, even in modern times."

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Super Sikh and Secret Agent Deep Singh were well received at the New Delhi Comic Con, and received press coverage in India. Among the comic books based on mythical gods, and the comic books imported from the DC Marvel Universe, Secret Agent Deep Singh stands out as a unique character - rooted in Sikh history, with an eye towards the modern world, a combination of East and West, offering a role model for youth everywhere.

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