Script Competition Winner

11 and 13 year old siblings announced to be winners of the SikhNet Script competition.

SikhNet Audio Story Script Writing Competition

SikhNet is happy to announce the winner of the Script competition.

Firstly, we send our gratitude to everyone who participated. The number of original ideas, inspirations, dramas, lessons and insights was really inspiring. Every story had merit and that's what made deciding on a winner a difficult process.

And the winner is: Siblings, 13 year old Japman Kaur and 11 year old Triman Singh with their script "Team Khalsa: Save the Langar".


It is a story about a team of selfless heroes : SuperSikh has strength and can control fire. Wonder Kaur can become invisible and control metal. The twins, Captain Turbanator and Psychic Singh, can fly and control water. The characters in the story reflect Sikh values not just with their names but with their actions throughout the story. Though they have powers they always take no pride and thank Waheguru. While everyone is enjoying Sri Akhand Path Sahib we find out that the langar has been stolen! It was stolen by 'ManmukhDestroy' the mayor of Chorburg who can possess people's minds.


The only way to over power him is to not be influenced by his Maya and five vices and to remember Waheguru. If he gets you, you are banished to his dungeon. So the team went to Chorburg with their plan,

"Wonder Kaur attracted all the gold in the city, and threw it towards the field, a man shouted and the whole city ran there to get some gold.  Super Sikh then knocked out the bodyguards, and Wonder Kaur turned invisible, she did the same to Super Sikh.  While Captain Turbanator and Psychic Singh were searching through the homes, and shops to look for the Langar, and after what seemed like ages, they were lead to the Langar.  They sighed in relief when they saw it was untouched.  And suddenly someone punches Psychic Singh in the back and Captain Turbanator and him turn around with anger.  Anger= Krodh, uh oh, they were in the dungeon."


It looks like two of the team had been tricked but meanwhile,


"Wonder Kaur and Super Sikh were in ManmukhDestroy’s courtroom, and they became visible. 'Ha-ha-ha, I knew you would come running after your Langar. Now Mr. Super Sikh, tell me, what will you do if I hurt you little sister, huh?'  ManmukhDestroy smiled evilly at Super Sikh.  Oh no, one of the guards had Wonder Kaur, he charged but the guard was much faster.  And suddenly, he was in the dungeon of ManmukhDestroy, as well."


It looks like ManmukhDestroy had now captured all but one of the team,


" 'Well, well, well.  Ms. Wonder Kaur is the only one left.  Are you the strongest?'  ManmukhDestroy laughed in her face. 'Well, well, well. Obviously you think you can lure me into your trap, but think again. I will be steadfast, nothing in this room, not even my family will make one of the five vices enter my mind, got it?'She mimicked ManmukhDestroy’s tone of voice. 'Ha! You’re a woman! Well then, be stubborn, watch as I torture your family. You are a woman, you will not be able to take it!' 'I may be a woman, but I have Guru ji’s blessing with me.' And suddenly they were before the remaining three members of Team Khalsa. 'Psychic Singh and Captain Turbanator here were banished into my dungeon because Krodh conquered them. And you know that SuperSikh was full of attachment for his little sister, so here he is.' ManmukhDestroy sneered."


Wonder Kaur did care about her family, but not in an attached way. 


"She wanted to protect them, but first she would need the Langar, that was her priority. 'Give me the Langar, and I will surrender myself.' 'Okay then.' Then ManmukhDestroy’s two minions came in with filthy hands, carrying the Langar. Full of grease, sweat and garbage. This was not good. 'Drop the Langar out of those filthy hands, you disrespectful fools.' Wonder Kaur had so much power in her voice that the minions out the Langar on a table and backed away. 'Okay, so where were we?  You said you wanted the Langar, I gave you it, so now surrender, and I will send it back to your little town.' ManmukhDestroy smirked, and one of his minions brought the Langar before him.  'And if you pull any useless moves, I will burn this Langar of yours.' "


Wonder Kaur thought about how she could save all of them: the langar, her family and ManmukhDestroy. It wasn't part of the plan but she felt that if she could just reach ManmukhDestroy he might become honest. 


"She meditated because that always brought her peace, she slowly started forming some thoughts. Her family was tied in chains. Chains.  Metal.  Chains. Metal.  That was it!  She quickly- without ManmukhDestroy noticing- took the chains off of her brothers, and put them on ManmukhDestroy, while making her brothers and herself invisible. She heard the Langar being picked up, and her and SuperSikh carried ManmukhDestroy out of his palace and out if his city.”


Here the script takes an interesting turn,


They took him onto a higher court. Guru Ji’s court. 'We have brought the Langar back Sangat Ji.' Super Sikh spoke, and Wonder Kaur with her loudest voice roared 'Boley So Nihal!' and the Sangat repeated, 'Sat Sri Akal.' Later that night there was a campfire, and everyone was congratulating Team Khalsa, then Super Sikh brought ManmukhDestroy before the Sangat, 'You decide what you want to do with this man.' The Sangat shouted several answers, 'Hang him!', 'Burn him!', 'Cage him!', 'Destroy Him!' 'No, we will do nothing to him.' Wonder Kaur broke the chaos and the Sangat went silent, giving her looks that said, Are you crazy?  'Who are you people?' She asked in a strong voice. 'We are Sikhs.' The Sangat and Team Khalsa replied. 'I don’t think you people are anywhere close to calling yourselves a Sikh.' "


With everyone in disbelief our hero sets them straight, 


'Who is a Sikh?  Do you really know?  A Sikh is someone who doesn’t wish bad for another person, a Sikh is someone who forgives, a Sikh is someone who will teach others, not put them down. So now tell me, a few minutes ago, were you behaving like a Sikh?' There were sounds of realization from the Sangat."


A most bewildered voice asked from behind,


" 'Why?' It was ManmukhDestroy.  'Why would you want to forgive me?  I have just been a bother to you, I am not worthy of surviving. I am a cruel man to my villagers, they don’t want me, just finish me.' Wonder Kaur looked at ManmukhDestroy and smiled, she glanced at Super Sikh and he spoke, 'Did you not hear what wonder Kaur just said? ManmukhDestroy, you have realized your sins, and we know that you have learned from them too.' 'You are no longer a Manmukh, you are a Gurmukh. Your name will be Gurmukh Singh, and your life will be spared.  You should go back to your village and make it a better place.' Wonder Kaur said, as she untied him."


This charming script begins it's conclusion,


"Gurmukh Singh stood up, and stumbled at Wonder Kaur’s feet, 'You are great!  I said to you that you are a weak woman, but you are even stronger and wiser than the men! You truly are great.' Wonder Kaur jerked back and pulled Gurmukh Singh to his feet, 'No, I am not great, Waheguru Ji is the great one, I am just his servant, so don’t fall at my feet or thank me, thank Waheguru Ji, who gave both of us life, who is everyone’s parent. And there is no man and woman, we are just children of Waheguru Ji.' Wonder Kaur smiled. Soon after eating Langar, Gurmukh Singh went back to his village, now named, Shaheedington. He served his village, and preached Waheguru Ji’s message. That day he learned a valuable lesson, the message was clear, a woman had been the one that had brought him back on track.  He closed his eyes and recited a shabd of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in the honor of women:


mÚ 1 ]
BMif jMmIAY BMif inMmIAY BMif mMgxu vIAwhu ]
BMfhu hovY dosqI BMfhu clY rwhu ]
BMfu muAw BMfu BwlIAY BMif hovY bMDwnu ]
so ikau mMdw AwKIAY ijqu jMmih rwjwn ]
BMfhu hI BMfu aUpjY BMfY bwJu n koie ]
nwnk BMfY bwhrw eyko scw soie ]
ijqu muiK sdw swlwhIAY Bwgw rqI cwir ]
nwnk qy muK aUjly iqqu scY drbwir ]2]

ma 1 ||
bha(n)dd ja(n)m
eeai bha(n)dd ni(n)meeai bha(n)dd ma(n)gan veeaahu ||
u hovai dhosathee bha(n)ddahu chalai raahu ||
bha(n)dd m
uaa bha(n)dd bhaaleeai bha(n)dd hovai ba(n)dhhaan ||
o kio ma(n)dhaa aakheeai jith ja(n)mehi raajaan ||
u hee bha(n)dd oopajai bha(n)ddai baajh n koe ||
aanak bha(n)ddai baaharaa eaeko sachaa soe ||
ith mukh sadhaa saalaaheeai bhaagaa rathee chaar ||
aanak thae mukh oojalae thith sachai dharabaar ||2||

First Mehla:
From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.
Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.
When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.
From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.
O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman.
That mouth which praises the Lord continually is blessed and beautiful.
O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the True Lord. ||2||

Many congratulations to the winners. Stay tuned for an audio story based on the 'Team Khalsa' script!

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